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It is an exciting time for Social Studies in New York State and our region. Everyone is tossing around words like "Framework", "Inquiry", and "Practices". There is so much to learn and so many great resources and ideas that are being explored in or region. So let's learn and grow together!

Please use the listserve as a place to ask questions about the Framework and Instruction.

Timeline Remains the Same

•Spring 2015

–Training of item writers

•Spring 2016

–Piloting of new items

•Spring 2017

–Full-scale field testing of items

•June 2018

–Global History & Geography II first administration

•June 2019

–US History & Government first administration

Ideas and Strategies ?

Helping Our Students Maneuver the Practices

How are you unpacking the Practices?

What instructional strategies have you been implementing?

How are your students learning content and skills?

Please share your ideas on our listserve!

Practice of Comparison and Contextualization

Looking for "multiple perspectives of an individual historical event?"

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