The R. Grant Graham Star Reporter

January 14, 2022

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R. Grant Graham Elementary School

Main Office: 248-537-6800

Attendance Line: 248-537-6810

Tony Harris- Principal: 248-537-6899

Dawn Cuthrell-Secretary

Gretchen Dietz-Secretary

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From the Principal

Dear Graham Families:

We do not have school on Monday, January 17th, in honor of Martin Luther King Jr..

One of my favorite quotes from MLK is :

“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”

This quote seems to speak to all of us during this lengthy pandemic. I hope you all enjoy the long weekend.

There have been changes to the Covid-19 guidlines. A letter from Dr. Schwarz went out to all Avondale families - please make sure you read the new guidlines.

Remember, it takes a village to raise our children.


Tony O. Harris

Tony O. Harris


Important Dates

January 17- No School- MLK Day

January 27- Early Dismissal 1:35 pm

February 10- Early Dismissal 1:35 pm

February 21-25 - Mid Winter Break

March 3 & 4 - Half Day - Dismissal 11:44 am

March 28- April 1 - Spring Break

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January Leaders of the Month

Mrs. Eller- Hrithik Dharanesh

Mrs. Swayze- Mayanshi Gopireddy

Mrs. Bowman- Mia Raub

Mrs. Whitten- Jaanvi Madhiraju

Mrs. Beaupre- Lindsi Gill

Mrs. Zezula- Joanna Wietchy

Mrs. Fantin- Rylee Dropps

Mrs. Mack- Chye Ratcliff

Mrs. Jiles- Karter Moorehead

Mrs. Vesper-Marguarite Underdown

Mrs. Wright- Aubree Edison

Mrs. Lantz- Isabella Cross

Mr. Higgins- Nikolas Dropps

Mrs. Delie- Jovonye White

Mr. Novak- Zayvien Croskey

Miss Abell- Bliss Prakash Anand

Mr. Lee- Rocco Padilla

Breakfast/Lunch Menu January 18-21

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Oakland County Vaccination Providers

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Library News from Mrs. Cuthbertson

Library the Book Challenge For January

Who will create the Best Snowman? Will it be you?

Your job is to read a book, and then make a snowman that represents a character

in the book. Things you can use to make your snowman are crayons, markers, or

any art supplies that you have. When you are done return the Snowman that you

have created to the library by January 24th. We will use the snowmen to

decorate our school library. Make sure fill out the top so I can send them home

when we take them down with a new book mark.

Battle of the Books

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Little Free Library

Please enjoy our Little Free Library donated by the Girl Scouts. Please feel free to put books in it and borrow books from it!
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Parent Pick up

In order for the parent pick-up line to run as safely and efficiently as possible, we ask that you please stay in your car and move down to the furthest possible spot to pick-up your child. This will allow for the maximum amount of cars to pick up at the same time and will help for a smooth, quick transition. Staff is on hand to help direct traffic and keep the students safe. Please be respectful and look to them for direction.

If you need to get out of your car to assist your child or if you would like to meet them at the door, please park in the parking lot, cross at the crosswalk and meet them on the sidewalk.

Thank you for your understanding. Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

Substitute Teachers Needed!

The Avondale School District is looking for teacher substitutes. The State of Michigan requires candidates to have 60 College Credits. All substitute permits require that an individual has completed at least 60 semester hours of satisfactory credit (defined as a grade of 'C' or higher) combined from one or more regionally accredited colleges or universities. Please apply at The daily pay rate is $120.00 and district substitutes earn a daily pay rate of $150.00. Please reach out to AnnaMaria Wyman at AnnaMaria.Wyman@ if you have any questions.
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Happy Birthday Graham Stars!

Danahi M

Ma'Khyla M

Kloe P

Piper T

Malaya B

Israa Z

Qemari B

Vincent R

Liam S

Marshalla O

Bryce J

Zoe O

Mila R

Ken'yatta C

Ananya B

Chase S

Avery G

Desirae W

Ella P

Maxx L

Siddharth S

Hrithik D

Journey O

Aiuana S

Aubree E

Marianna S

Luis L

Covid Masking

The Oakland County Health Department issued a mask mandate for all schools in Oakland County the day after our School Board voted to do the same. Masks are required by students and staff when indoors. Masks do not need to be worn when eating or outside.

Parents, if you could send in a backup mask or two in your child's backpack, that would be helpful. We have a lot of incidents where the masks get dirty or the strings break. Thank you!

Attention Busy Bee Families

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Gleaners mobile food pantry

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Return to School Plan

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2021/2022 School Calendar

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Blessings in a Backpack

You can still sign your child(ren) up to receive Blessings in a Backpack each week that school is in session. This is a FREE program set up to provide our students with a nutritious meal over the weekend when they don't have access to school lunches. The simple meals may include food like macaroni and cheese, beef ravioli, canned chicken, canned tuna, granola bars, peanut butter, soups, fruit, and other items dispensed in a discreet and caring manner. Sign up here:
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Change to Pick up Schedule

A consistent schedule is important for students and their safety. We understand there are times when changes need to be made, but please try to keep them to a minimum. If there will be a change to your child's normal routine (i.e. bus, Busy Bee, going home with a friend, or parent pick up), please send a note to your child's teacher. Without a note, we must follow your child's normal routine. Notes should be clearly labeled with your child's name and teacher name. We understand that occasionally changes must be made during the course of the school day; however the end of the school day is extremely busy in the office. We ask that all end of day changes be made BEFORE 2:00 PM. We cannot guarantee changes made via phone after 2:00 PM. Changes should NEVER be left via voice mail, fax or email.


Medication must be kept in the office. Students must have documentation signed by a doctor on file in order for medication to be administered at school. Over the counter medication cannot be administered to students without a note from a doctor as well.

If your child is sick (fever, vomiting, covid-symptoms), please do not send them to school. We diligently try to prevent the spread of illness. If your child goes home from school sick with a fever (100+), they must be fever-free without fever-reducing medicine for 24 hours before returning to school. This standard is set by the Oakland County Health department.

Student Absences

If your child will be absent, please call the Graham Attendance Line at (248) 537-6810. The line is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week. If your child is absent due to a medical appointment or illness, a doctor's note helps to excuse your child's absence.


New District Website

Avondale School District launched our new website! It is the same web address, but it has an updated look and it's much easier to navigate!

Check it out here: