Variety of Educational Technology Resources

1. Songza


Chillwave allows you to access playlists of music that may go along with a given situation. This could be good for when a class is working on a writing assignment or simply when they walk in the room.

2. Web 2.0: Cool Tools for Schools

Cool Tools for Schools

Neat website that contains numerous music related resources! Nice to have a space that brings so many together.

3. Jamendo


Hub where tracks can be "Stream. Download. Share."

The image below has information regarding how the music from Jamendo may be used.

4. Musescore


Musescore is free composition software that is easy to use. Musescore also has playback capabilities that can be used so students can hear what their composition sounds like.

5. Noteflight


Noteflight apparently allows users to write and share music. It seems that it could be used to embed music on webpages as well.

Noteflight Youtube introduction

6. is a great resource for doing in class, interactive review with students on things like note names and key signatures. It is also a great tool for students to use to practice at home on their own!

7. Public Domain 4U


" is providing access to this music for educational purposes. The written permission of the copyright owners and/or other rights holders is required for distribution, reproduction, or other use of music. Responsibility for making an independent legal assessment of an item and securing any necessary permissions ultimately rests with persons desiring to use any music on the site."

publicdomain4u appears to be a neat resource available to learn about neat music from the past. The site has downloadable tracks from artists like Louis Armstrong, Gene Autry, and others. Could be a great resource for learning about past hits!

8. Audiotool

Audiotool has a neat application that allows people to compose music in what feels to me like a D.J. setting. The application has cool interfaces that allows the user to control different mixer type devices and form their own rig. Could be really neat for an activity in the computer lab once I know how to use it better.

9. Animoto

Animoto is a tool in which users upload an audio track and pictures, then receive a neat video that uniquely arranges the audio and pictures in a movie like way. This could be a cool tool to replace a typical "end of the year slide show".

10. Flickr

flickr has numerous aspects. One I see being useful in the future is the ability to search for public photos. I'm not 100% clear on how the photos can be used. It seems as though it is a case by case basis.

Podcast 1: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders

"The DFJ Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Seminar (ETL) is a weekly seminar series on entrepreneurship, co-sponsored by BASES (a student entrepreneurship group), Stanford Technology Ventures Program, and the Department of Management Science and Engineering". This Podcast series, based on the titles, appears to be centered around a variety of things regarding entrepreneurship/business and innovation.

Podcast 2: Marathon Journey - The Broadcast

"Marathon Journey - The Broadcast! MJTB is a radio show that will motivate you to get off the couch, get out the door, and get your feet moving toward the finish line!"

Marathon Journey seems to be all about helping people get/stay on track to running marathons/different lengths of races. See more at:

Podcast 3: Space Rocket History

"The history of rocketry and space exploration"

Space Rocket History seems to be a series of Podcasts based around, you guessed it, the history of rockets. Some titles of their Podcasts include, "Sputnik 1", "Liquid-fueled Rockets", etc.

Podcast 4: Classical Music Free

"We provide Classical Music for Free. Various composers. J.S. Bach, G. F. Handel, Beethoven, Haydn, Vivaldi. etc. © 2012 Shiloh Worship Music COPY FREELY;This Music is copyrighted to prevent misuse, however,permission is granted for non-commercial copying-Radio play"

Classical Music Free showed me that there is straight up music on Podcasts, which I didn't realize. The music from the sight doesn't seem to be the best quality, but it's interesting to know that it's out there.

Podcast 5: Poetry Reading Series

"Poetry Reading Series: This project is created to make classical poems more accessible to people of all ages. Everyone in this project has donated their time and talent, to breathe new life into the great classics. We believe the art form of poetry is vital to nurturing our imaginations, apathy, and ability to communicate. We hope this project will help people in our community here, to people in foreign countries who are learning English as a second language"

Poetry Reading Series has multiple short Podcasts that appear to simply have audio recordings of the poems being read along with the text of the poems showing.