Project about an Australian Animal


The kangaroo has four legs. The two back legs are long and strong for hopping on. The two front legs are short and hang in front of the kangaroo's chest.

They have a long tail that they use for balancing while jumping.

The kangaroo's face has a snout and they look a lot like a camel! They have large, sharp pointy ears and fur that is usually a reddish / brownish colour. It is soft to touch!

They have two eyes on each side of their face so that they can see sideways as well as in front.

The females have a pouch to carry their young.

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A kangaroo moves by jumping or hopping on its two back legs. The jump is very fast and one hop takes less than 1 second! The front legs are short so that the upper body is not too heavy for jumping.

Sometimes if they're moving slowly or eating, kangaroos will use their four legs. This is called "crawl-walking".

The kangaroo uses its long tail to balance itself when it is jumping.

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Kangaroos are herbivores. This means that they eat mostly grass and some leaves. They eat mainly early in the morning or at night. They rest during the day.

Kangaroos drink very little water and can go without water for months.

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Kangaroos live all over Australia in different types of places, like forests, grassy plains and savannas.

The climate also changes from dry and hot places to wet and colder areas.


Kangaroos are marsupials which means that the babies are born and then carried in a pouch in the mother's belly. Female kangaroos usually only have one joey, and when it is born it is as small as a jelly bean.

A baby kangaroo is called a joey and it can live in the mother's pouch for up to 1 year.