Tyler's Tech Tips

2018 Back to School Edition

Drone Training

I am excited to say that we recently received a private donation to purchase some drones for the HISD. Just last week, the HISD purchased three, which should be here any day now.

Two of the drones will be available for teachers to check out and use with their classroom. However, in order to check them out, you must come to a training at the HISD. Because these are really expensive drones, the training will not only cover flying and first-hand practice, it will also cover rules and regulations that we need to be aware of when flying.

The third drone will be used in our STEM 6, 7, and 8 programs with students from all around the county.

If you are interested in the idea, but do not want to get trained or check one out, I am still able to come to your classroom and do a demo lesson and flight.

Aside from the image and video capabilities, here are a few examples of how teachers could tie these drones into your curriculum.

-Fly the drone over the playground, let the kids view it and then write descriptions for a writing task.

-Fly the drone over a few towns and some homes out in the country, have students view them and write a position statement about the best place to live, citing information from the video.

-Fly over a wooded area, creek bed, lake, field, etc., and have students describe the habitat and who might live there.

-Fly the drone up on several different weather days and then write about the impact of weather on visibility in science class.

-Fly the drone over the day use park and share with students who attended Mother Nature’s Classroom. Have them create a map of the area and mark where they sat for their reflection, did the team building activities, etc.

-Challenge the PE class to do some synchronized movement and video it with the drone. Practice for a bit and then compare how together the movements become.

-Use the drone to take pictures of fields, buildings, or parking lots and use those images to help find the surface area.

-Use the drone to take top-down pictures of different shapes around your district or town. Give point values to ones that may be tougher to get.

-Use the drone to help practice cinematic camera angles.

-Use the drone to create 3D aerial maps needed for architectural and mechanical drawing.

-Use the drone to show how virtual reality is expanding and how to fly a drone using VR.

-There are a ton of other ways drones can be incorporated into your classroom!

More details will be emailed out when the drones are in and the PD is scheduled, but if you have any questions now, please email me.

Need Tech Help?

I have just scheduled the first round of visits with each of the local schools (see schedule below). On these visits, teachers are able to sign up for a time to work with me directly on tech tools you are using or wanting to use in your classroom. Some teachers are just looking for certain tech tools to meet their needs, some teachers are wanting me to do a demo lesson with their students, or some teachers have various simple tech questions. So if you need anything involving Instructional Technology in your classroom, please sign up for a time slot. If you do not have a specific tech need at this time, we can always discuss what tech tools could amplify your instruction and students' learning.

The sign-up sheet will be emailed to your administration a week in advance and then get forwarded to you. Click on the link in your email to sign-up with a time that works best for you.

I look forward to working with you this year and if you ever have any questions, let me know.

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