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Spring Break Edition

Just a little newsletter....

Howdy ya'll, I am starting a little newsletter to let you know what we are up to in the library! This edition discusses an important change in our media retrieval system (how you show movies), Maker workshop challenges, and collaborative lesson planning! Enjoy!

-Colleen Graves

Collaborating with LEAP!

Mrs. Robertson wanted her kids to make a newspaper about the Westing Game, but she didn't feel like Publisher was going to work for these 21st Century Learners. Instead of sticking with something she was comfortable with, she came to the library for ideas and stepped out of her comfort zone! Together we planned some newspaper stations, Googledoc newspaper templates, and a final showcase GoogleSite. I built the skeletal frame for the Site, and came to the lab for Googlesite instruction on newspaper building day


Check out their collaborative work: 1/2 Period, 5/6 Period

(Note, you will have to be signed into Google Apps to view.)

Lady Gaga Performs at Lamar!

Lady Gaga performs for Lamar Middle School

Aid for Africa

I helped with the initial planning on the Aid for Africa experience, but all credit goes to Phan and Rhoades for running with it and making an amazing unit that the 6th graders will never forget! Check out the winning videos here. (Note, you will have to be signed into Google Apps to view.)

Lunch and Learn in the library! March 5th!

Come next Wednesday, March 5th, during your lunch to learn more about PBLS. I attended a two day training and I'm ready to help you plan your next PBL!

Maker Workshops!

We've started Maker workshops again this spring! Don't know what that is? Read more about the Maker Movement in Education. But basically, we are trying to get more students into technology, science, engineering, math, the arts, and just learning in general!

The library is going to host monthly maker challenges. The challenge will start with a hour long workshop and then students will be able to work on their "maker project" during lunches in the library. The most creative and intriguing challenge will win a gift card from a local establishment! Our first challenge is an iBook challenge. The first week of March, students can come to the library during their lunch to learn how to use iBooks from other students. They can create fanfiction, picture books, or let creativity flow. Lamar 7th grader, Nimisha, will be leading the expo on March 24th showcasing all of the student's ibooks. Everyone is invited!

New Media Retrieval System

You will no longer be able to show movies from the media retrieval system because you can show them from your laptop. However, you can now view albums, uploaded videos, and even a live broadcast from Lms-media.lisd.local

Your Aver box and remote will no longer be needed. Mr. Beugler will be taking them back to Bolin. Instead, when you are wanting to show something from our channels or live broadcast, you will go to Lms-media.lisd.local and click on the appropriate channel for viewing. This can be done from your laptop or an iPad.

Below is what the video host looks like.


Thanks for reading my newsletter! Need help with a unit? Want to make your instruction pop? Want to step out of your comfort zone and use something you've never tried before? I can help! Let me be your partner in crime.

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