My Smore Flyer

By:Lauren Thompson

Dentist Occupation


Healthcare/Health Science

Dentists diagnose and treat problems with a patient's teeth,gums,and related parts of the mouth.They provide advice and instruction on taking care of teeth and gums, and on diet choices that affect oral heath.Remove decay from teeth and fill cavities and straighten teeth to correct issues.Place sealants or whitening agents on teeth.

Days/Hours worked-5 days a week and on call for the weekends-7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Starting Salary:$71.79 Per year:$149,310

Benefits:Orthodontics or oral surgery

Education/Training:Bachelor's degree prior to admission to dental school.Doctoral degree in dental medicine or dental surgery

Personality traits:Personable,Patient,Critical Thinker,Precise & Nimble

Advice:You need to go to school because lots of learning.You need to be social with working with patients.

Pros:being RESPECTED,being or having CREATIVITY,having GREAT HOURS

Cons:lots of EDUCATION,the COSTS $$,the STRESS

Work/Volunteer:Do pre-dental,or dental student to learn new skills and help people in the process.Volunteering also provides students a chance to do something different from their day-to-day activities.