By Taylor .P, Rachel .N, Travis .D

The Dwight D. Eisenhower National System of Interstate and Defense Highways

The Interstate Highway System, as it is more commonly know, began construction on June 29th 1956. This was to ease the traffic of the 65 million cars on the road by that time and the expected 90 million by 1970. $51 billion was to be spent on the Highway over the next 15 years. The new road system allowed for better and easier travel, industry and business growth, new job openings, and opened up new areas for development. This would give Americans a new sense of freedom to be able to go anywhere at anytime.

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McCarthyism in the belief that someone is a communist with out any prof. It was started by a Wisconsin republican named Joseph McCarthy in the early 1950's. He was named the "worst senator of all time" and needed an edge to be reelected. He used the fear of communism to boost his campaign and began randomly accusing people in the government of being communist. People, for a short time, praised him as a national hero for cleaning out the government. But he soon lost all his support in a live to the U.S. trial because of the harshness he used toward the people on the stand. He died soon after a broken man.
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