Paterson Press

November 15, 2015

One Week Until Thanksgiving Break!

How can this be? One week until Thanksgiving Break? I am not ready for the holidays!

Here is what is happening this week.

We will be making some arts and crafts for the holidays. We will be talking about Pilgrims, Native Americans, holiday traditions, and making some yummy snacks.

The whole school also has some themed days coming up. The theme is based on being successful for the future.

Tuesday: We are headed to high school. Wear Flower Mound Jaguar shirt or colors. (Navy and grey)

Wednesday: Wear your favorite college shirt or colors. (The staff all have their universities displayed outside their classrooms)

Thursday: Dress for success- wear clothing showing you are dressed for success in the future.

*Grandparents Luncheon is today. Forms have already been turned in. Please NO parents. Not everyone will participate in this and that is ok. Many grandparents are out of town and can no make it. It is ok!

*Art and Science Night from 6-8 pm. Come see this yearly event with your child. Lots of fun activities have been planned. Your child's artwork will also be on display.

Friday: Pajama Day! Students can wear their pajamas if they pay $1. The money will benefit a Minecraft program in the library. If they wear pajamas and slippers, just remember to pack tennis shoes because they will still go on the playground. It is also DEAR Day. Drop Everything And Read! The whole school will be reading from 8-8:30. Please send in a book for your child to read during that time. Don't forget to do the Speeding to Read Logs. You can count books that you read WITH your child. Every student counts!!