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Export Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar

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Conversion Ready Step Three: Export Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar (if needed)

Most teachers and other 10 month employees will probably not find a need to export their current Outlook calendar to their Google calendar. You can simply start adding events to your new Google calendar at anytime. 11 and 12 month employees may find the steps to export your Outlook calendar to your Google calendar helpful if you have a lot of events currently scheduled in your Outlook calendar. We recommend that all employees print out a copy of their existing Outlook calendar and file it for archiving purposes, as you will no longer have access to your Outlook calendar as of May 31st.

From Your SDCC Windows Computer

Please note: These directions will not work from home or using Office 365 (web application), Smart Phones, Tablets, or Non-Windows computers (Apple iMacs, MacBooks, Chromebooks, etc.).

The only way to export your Outlook calendar to your Google calendar is to do it from a Windows computer at your school or office (connected to the SDCC Network). You will use the local Outlook application (the icon on your desktop) and follow these directions:

GC 5 Exporting Your Outlook Calendar into Your Google Calendar (From Outlook Desktop)

To access your SDCC Google Calendar:

  1. Open the Chrome browser.

  2. Go to

  3. Type in your SDCC Google Address. The account is in the following format: (Ex:

  4. Type in your password. Your network and Google passwords are now the same. If you cannot login to your Google account with your network password, please contact the Service Desk at 904-529-4832 and they will be happy to assist you.

  5. You are in your SDCC Google Calendar!

Trouble exporting your Outlook calendar?

If you have any trouble when trying to export your Google calendar to your Outlook calendar, please contact the Service Desk at 904-529-4832 and they will be happy to assist you.

About Google Calendar:

Google Calendar is the perfect tool for organizing your work schedule. You can create multiple calendars (personal, classroom, holidays, etc.) and keep track of them all in one app. You can overlay calendars to make sure you are never double booked. You can share calendars with co-workers or with your students. You can add attachments to events in your Google calendar to make sure everyone has what they need for a meeting.

Want to know more? Here is where you can find more information about your SDCC Google Calendar:

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For More Information...

We are very excited about this next step and think everyone will find the Google Apps for Education to be a huge advancement in how we collaborate and communicate. If you would like to know more, please check out these great resources that include information about Google Apps for Education and other components of the Digital Classroom Initiative by clicking the buttons below.

Using Google Apps for Education in the OneClay Portal

One last helpful hint...if you use the portal you will see icons for the Google Apps for Education. The great thing about the OneClay Portal is that once you log in once and install the extension, you can single sign on straight into your Google account.

SDCC Google Conversion YouTube Videos

We are super excited to offer this YouTube playlist with quick and helpful videos to support you in the conversion to the Google Apps for Education. Just click on the button below to see what we've added!! You can even Subscribe to the channel to make sure you don't miss anything!!