No To Sex

Johnesha Johnson

Overall Consequences Of Sex

1. Having A Baby Before Your Ready To

2. Get A STD That Does Not Go Away

3. Regret Having Sex At A Young Age

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STD Major Consequences

1. Infertility

2. Ectopic pregnacy

3. pelvic imflammatory

4. infection of newborns

5. heart disease and brain function

6. cervical cancer

7. death

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Birth Control Methods

1.copper trauterine device


3.nuva ring

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responsibility of having a baby

1. Have To Provide

2. Take Time Out Your Life

3. Get A Job

4. Have To Do Everythig For Them

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Safe Delivery Act

1. surrender their newborn child no more then 72 hours old to an employee who is in side and on duty at any hospital , Fire department , police station , or by calling 911

2.Take the infant into temporary protective custody

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under age sex

1. Having A Baby

2. Big Responsibilities

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Benefits Of Abstinence

1. Abstinence Has No Medical Or Hormonal Side Effect

2. Abstinence Prevents Sexually Transmitted Infection

3. You Wont Have Babies Until you WAnt To

4. Abstinence Prevents Pregnancy

5. Abstinence Is Free

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