Padbury Newsletter

Issue #18 - 12 November 2020

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Fri 13 Nov - Interschool Basketball / Online Assembly for Students

Tues 17 Nov - Year 5 Class Mass / Kindy 2021 Parent Information Session @1:30pm

Wednesday 18 Nov - PCPS Annual General Meeting (AGM) @6:00pm

Friday 20 Nov - Interschool Cricket / Online Assembly for Students / Icy Pole Day

Mon 23 Nov - 2021 Kindy Gecko Orientation @ 1:30pm

Tues 24 Nov- Kindy Wallabies Jungle Gym Excursion

Tues 24-Fr 27 Nov - Book Fair

Wed 25 Nov - Book Week dress Up Day (PP-6) / Kindy Geckos Jungle Gym Excursion

Thurs 26 Nov - 2021 Kindy Wallaby Orientation @ 1:30pm

Fri 27 Nov - P&F Parent Christmas Party

Mon 30 Nov - EduDance Concert #1

Tues 1 Dec - Pre-Kindy Parent Session & Orientation @ 1:30pm

Thurs 3 Dec - EduDance Concert #2

Fri 4 Dec - Transition Morning @ 9:00am

Tues 8 Dec - Nativity Play & Carol Sing-A-Long

Wed 9 Dec - Thanksgiving Mass & Farewell Assembly for Staff

Please check the community calendar for future dates as the calendar is regularly updated.


Dear Parents

On Wednesday Year Four WvB students led us in a beautiful Prayer Service for Remembrance Day. Over one hundred years ago on 11 November 1918, four years of conflict came to an end. Almost 62,000 Australians died fighting for our freedom and in service of our nation. Please keep all those who have fought or died serving our country, in your prayers.


Please keep the Yr 6 children in your prayers as they celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation this coming weekend. May the Holy Spirit give our children the power, truth, and strength, amongst other great qualities and gifts of the spirit to enable them to live their lives as committed followers of Jesus. Thank you to the Year Six teachers Mrs Tardrew and Mr Randazzo for preparing the children so well for this special sacrament.

Last week I attended Our Lady of the Mission Parish AGM and presented a report on behalf of our school community. Father Cyprian expressed his sincere thanks for the close school and parish relationship that exists and has enjoyed working with the Leadership Team, sacramental teachers, staff, students and families throughout the year. The parish appreciates all the wonderful work that is occurring at PCSP as we endeavour to grow closer to Jesus by living out our school motto of Love One Another.

This week we launch our St. Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal. The appeal will last for the next fortnight (Weeks 6 & 7) with the final day for donations being Friday 27th November. Please see further information in the newsletter. Thank you in anticipation of your support.

We will be having a whole school Thanksgiving Mass on 9 December in our school hall. During our special mass we will give thanks to God for our wonderful school year and ‘give’ to those who may be finding things a little difficult in our local community through our St Vinnies Christmas Appeal. Your generosity in giving items to make someone’s Christmas special, is very much appreciated. Just before our Thanksgiving Mass we will have our Farewell Assembly for staff who may be leaving us at the end of the year.

We will be having our Nativity Play and Carol sing-a-long on 8 December. Edudance concerts will be going ahead on Monday 30 Nov and 3 Dec and will be held outdoors so that parents can be invited along and to ensure we are COVID compliant.

We welcome Pre Kindy (3 Yr olds) and Kindy 2021 children and parents to PCPS in a couple of weeks. The children will attend their orientation afternoons and have a little taste of what Pre Kindy and Kindy will be like for them next year. We are full in Kindy next year and our PK list is growing so if you would like to secure a place for your child in Pre Kindy please contact Mrs Ellen at the school office to enrol your child. If you If you have friends or neighbours with children who would be ready for Pre Kindy, please encourage them to enrol.

We are currently enrolling for Pre Kindy and Kindy 2022 and beyond so please get your application in for your child as soon as possible.

There are limited vacancies in other year levels in 2021 so if you know of anyone looking for a position, please recommend our beautiful school.

Thank you to Lynda Ellison for co ordinating the annual Scholastic Book Fair again this year. The Book Fair is a great place to buy books to read, Christmas presents and also earn reward points for our school. This year's Book Fair will take place from 24-27 November at drop off and pick up times. Our Book Week Dress up day will also coincide with this day.

Thanks to Elva MacDonagh and her team for co ordinating Icy Pole days for the children this term, especially with the onset of this warm weather.

Thanks to Marie Lewis, Cathy Farrell and Romina Cangelosi for organising the PCPS Parent Christmas Party and raffles for everyone. It promises to be a fun event. Look out for details in the newsletter and Parent Facebook Page.

The Annual General Meeting for the P&F and School Board and Volunteers Supper will be held on Wednesday 18 November in the school hall, commencing at 6.00pm.

Reasons you should come to the AGM:

· Show your support of the hard working School Board and P&F

· There will be a brief review of 2020 School Board and P&F activities

· Office bearers for the Board and P&F will be elected

· 2021 staffing will be announced. You will find out your child’s year group teachers for 2021

· 2021 school fees will be presented

· Focus areas for 2021 will be shared

· As a special thank you to all volunteers who have assisted in any way throughout the year such as P&F, Board, reading rosters, excursions, covering books, craft and the list goes on and on…You are invited to our Volunteers Supper at the conclusion of the AGM. It is our way of saying thank you for all that you do at PCPS. Please rsvp your attendance for the AGM by completing below:


Wednesday, Nov. 18th, 6pm


Annual General Meeting for the Padbury CPS School Board and P&F.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Please consider if you would like to nominate/re-nominate for the P&F Committee and/or a class representative for 2021. A position on the P&F Executive has just arisen. Should you be interested in nominating for the P&F Executive please email the school via the admin email by Monday 9am. Voting will then take place on the night of the AGM if there are more than one candidate and nominees will then be asked to speak for no longer than a minute in support of their application.

Teachers will soon be looking at class groupings for 2021. Many factors are considered when selecting class placements for students and each child’s best interests are the main priority when these decisions are made. Class placements are a team decision made in consultation with both the year level teachers. Teachers spend a lot of time and give great consideration to the placement of children and I believe that their professionalism should be respected. Consideration for placement is made using the following criteria: Gender; Special Needs, Pastoral/Social/Emotional; (e.g. special education twins, etc); Academic ability; Relationships.

Every effort is made to place children where it is felt they will have the greatest opportunity to succeed. All teachers at PCPS are very professional and of an excellent standard and children will receive a high quality of education no matter which class they are placed with. If your child has special pastoral issues which may need consideration, please ensure that you have made a time to meet with your child’s class teacher before Monday 30 November. Parents should understand that requests for particular placement cannot be guaranteed. Requesting a certain teacher is not a consideration. Once class groupings are finalised they will not be changed so please do not contact the teachers, Leadership Team or the office after the cut-off date nor once you receive details about your child’s class.

It is good for families to know placements for the following year so that they are able to arrange for children to get together over the holidays if they wish. Parents will be notified of their child’s teacher via SEQTA on Friday 18 December.

If your child is not returning to PCPS in 2020 please advise the office in writing before 30 November.

Prior to the new Leadership Team commencing, Pre-Primary and Year One classes/teachers looped however due to staff leaving/staff placements, this will no longer be occurring. However, last year the Leadership Team introduced a thorough handover procedure between the staff for the end of the year and we also introduced a formal transition programme for all classes which has been highly beneficial. The Pre-primary classes will have additional parts to their transition programme to ensure that the children have been well prepared for the move to the ‘big part of the school’. Mrs Fisher, our social worker, will also be on hand to assist, not only at the beginning of the year but also during the year, with transitioning.

We are currently in the beginning stages of planning for a redevelopment of the playgrounds within the school which will see contemporary play areas for the children for both the Juniors (Yr1-3) and our Middle/Uppers (Yr4-6). We are ensuring student voice with all the children being able to contribute to suggestions and ideas for the playgrounds as their teachers work with them in the classroom brainstorming ideas and allowing creativity to flow. The Leadership Team also took a selection of 20 children, from various year levels to visit, take notes, make drawings etc. of some of the outstanding playgrounds within the wider community. These ideas will add to the collection of the children’s suggestions. We also value the educational expertise of our staff and have already had a preliminary discussion with them regarding the playgrounds. Their contributions will be invaluable as we draw upon their educational early childhood knowledge as well as that their knowledge of our most senior students.

A Playground Committee will be formed which will include the Leadership Team, some staff and one representative from the P&F/parent body and a School Board member. If you would like to nominate for the parent rep, please click on the following link and complete -

As we go through the planning process for the playgrounds, we will possibly call upon school families who have relevant business eg design, construction, building, woodwork etc and who may be able to support us, to either donate time/resources/services or provide quotes for resources/services. If you fall in to this category, please click on the following link and complete -

Please be aware that if you wish to be considered in providing the school quotes re above, then, due to a conflict of interest, you would not be eligible to be the parent rep on the playground committee.

The School Board would like to thank those families who have paid their school fees and are up to date. Should you have any outstanding fees, please pay these immediately. As per the school fee policy, the School Board Finance Committee may take action to recover any unpaid fees through a debt collection agency which may in turn affect your future credit ratings. There are a number of methods in which families at the school can pay their school fees. These include: credit card; EFTPOS, cash, cheque, direct debit and internet banking. Please see the Finance Officer, Mrs Denise Davis or Administration Officer, Helen Hughes at the school office for further details.

Have a lovely weekend with your family.

Kind regards

Mrs Margaret Williamson



religious education

Vinnies Appeal

Our Christmas St Vinnie's appeal is on again this year. Please see the flyer below for details. Thank you to Mrs Woodall for again coordinating this wonderful initiative and very worth cause. Your support is very much appreciated.
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Sacramental Dates for 2021

We have been advised of the 2021 Sacramental Dates. Please see below and mark your 2021 diaries. The below has also been placed on the school website on the Community Calendar page. These dates have also been placed on the community calendar.
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2021 Booklists have now been uploaded to the school website -

Booklists should be ordered by Friday 11th December. Teachers will send home any remaining resources for students by Friday 4th December so you can take stock and consider what is required from the Booklist for 2021.

As previously mentioned in the last Newsletter, we have managed to make between 15-39% total price reductions on all 2021 booklists compared to this year.

School Shoes

We have recently had some queries regarding appropriate kinds of black school shoes to be worn with the academic school uniform.

If you are about to purchase, or will be purchasing shool shoes over the coming holidays, please check the school website - - for examples of the type of academic school shoes (and possible places to purchase) suitable for Padbury Catholic Primary School.

There is now a document to help clarify these queries on the school website, direct link right here - PCPS School Shoe Examples

Thought for the Week

Mr Ryan von Bergheim & Mrs Loretta Hutcheson

Assistant Principals


Book Week dress Up Day

PCPS will be holding our Book Week Dress Up Day on Wednesday 25th November (Week 7), so start thinking of those costume ideas!

This year's Book Week theme is Curious Creatures, Wild Minds.

Thank you to Lynda Ellison for co-ordinating the annual Scholastic Book Fair again this year. The Book Fair is a great place to buy books to read, Christmas presents and also earn reward points for our school. See information below:


Book Fair is back for 2020!

We warmly invite you to join us in the school library to view a fantastic range of books, activities and stationery at this year's Scholastic Book Fair!

Collect a raffle ticket for every book purchased on Opening Day Tuesday to go in the draw to win a book voucher.

EFTpos is available for your convenience.

Open daily, Tue 24 to Fri 27 November

8 - 9am and 2 - 3.30pm

Thank you for your support - all purchases earn Scholastic Rewards for our school!

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Book Borrowing

Borrowing from the library will cease this year on Friday 20th November. Students are asked to return their books by Friday 27th November. Please assist your child in returning their library books.

Mrs Eccles

Library Officer

Music News

The Year 4 students were invited to send in a video of their special talent. There were singers, dancers, instrumentalists, comedians and even a horse! The entries were viewed by a panel of five Year 6 students and here are the winners...

1st...Felicity Lines.

2nd...Olivia Cunningham and Lily Vanderwiel.

3rd...Macy Gallagher.

Congratulations to all the participating students for sharing your amazing talents.

Mrs Sylvia Grigoroff-Cusack

Music Teacher

Pre-Kindy Photo Day

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Icy Pole Fridays are back!

Icy Pole Friday for Years PP-6 is in Weeks 6 & 8.

Icy Poles have now gone cashless and are available to order on Flexischools for the rest of the term. Children will only receive the icy pole you order for them on Flexischools, they can't choose one on the day like they did previously.

Cut off for orders is 12 mid-day the Wednesday before. Parent volunteers & teacher assistance are essential to bring this special treat to your kids, please be patient over the coming term as this new process evolves. Any queries please contact: Elva MacDonagh via email


This Week’s focus: iPad Home Use

Technology is everywhere now, in our homes, in our pockets, and perhaps worryingly for many parents, in our children’s hands. Every family is different, and will have their own ideas around what’s considered ‘normal’ or acceptable use of electronic devices, which means there’s no universal answer.

Feedback from parents often indicates that controlling iPad use at home can be difficult. Over the coming weeks I will share with you some tips/suggestions to help establish/re-establish guidelines for home usage to bring some order to the way your children use digital devices at home...

Tip #1. Consider a Digital Device ‘Home Contract’

Clearly set out your digital device usage guidelines, and print them in an agreement that you and your child can both sign. If there are any disputes, then you both have the expectations in writing. This digital technology guideline maybe a little too formal for many people’s tastes, but it removes the grey areas around expectations that many young people are likely to exploit.

Tip #2 : Specify Clear Hours for Digital Use

Set the ground rules for when your children can use their tablets and phones, and when they need to shut them off for the night. It’s just a smart way to build a habit for the whole family so it becomes ingrained and just the way things are done in your home. Keep in mind that this age group faces tremendous peer pressure to be online 24/7, and even though they’d never admit it, it might be helpful for them to have an acceptable ‘way out’ from their demanding digital life.

Tips 3 & 4 coming next Newsletter...

Ryan von Bergheim

Assistant Principal

Pastoral Care


Congratulations to Joshua Horne (Yr 5) who was recently awarded the Kristain Hoogenkamp Junior Volunteer of the Year Award at Whitfords Football Club. This is a prestigious award given out each year at the Club to a junior member who has gone above and beyond in his or her volunteering and willingness to help the club be the best it can be. We have heard fantastic stories about Josh's commitment to the football club, including his great sportsmanship. Wonderful to see a PCPS student living out our school values! Well done Josh!

The band ‘Rock Frogs’ which Kaden Griffin and Luka Babich from grade 6 Started have been invited to play at ‘The Dinner for Dreams’ in the Astral ballroom at The Crown on Friday night. (13th)

This is a major fundraiser held biennially, to fund highly specialised equipment and professional training for the running of Conductive Education in Western Australia for all primary and high school students with highly complex needs and is proudly presented by the Conductive Education Charity of Western Australia. Fantastic effort boys!

Congratulations to Zoe Howell in Year 3 who recently won 2 Gold Medals in the WA Karate League in September. Zoe won gold in the categories of:

  • 9 Years Old Developing - Kumite
  • 9 Years Old Elite - Kumite

Awesome job Zoe - the new 9 Year Old Kumite WA State Champion.

Well done Zoe!

Social Worker's Corner

NDIS & Behaviour Support



Do you have a NDIS plan for your child?

Do you have a family member who can behave in challenging ways?

Do you know about Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)?

Do you have ‘improved relationships’ in your NDIS plan?

Do you know how to get PBS included in your plan?

Do you have behaviour support funding but don’t know where to start?

Come along to our informal information session and you will hear about behaviour support and how to think about behaviour with regards to NDIS plans. Hear from a parent with lived experience.

After the session you will have a better understanding of positive behaviour support, be more confident about including PBS in your NDIS plan and will have learnt some skills to help you

understand behaviour.


WHERE: Training Room, City West Lotteries House, 2 Delhi Street, West Perth

COST: Free for members, $15 non-members. Refreshments provided

REGISTER: Click on link in email or go to

PARKING: Street parking ($4.14/hour) or Watertown carpark ($6 for 3 hours)

TRAIN: City West Stop on Fremantle line


INFORMATION: Maggie 0400 509 892 or 9420 7203

P&F News

P&F Facebook Page

The Padbury Catholic Primary School P&F (Parents and Friends) Facebook Page is a celebration of all things Padbury, with the intent to build upon our strong community spirit. The page is also a great way to share information with our community about events, fundraisers, sporting and academic achievements. Please note that Padbury Catholic Primary School Class Pages are set up in the same spirit and also follow the Code of Conduct as below.

Code of Conduct


We ask that any comments made, are done within the spirit of our school motto “Love One Another”. Any negative comments will be deleted at the discretion of Admin. No photos are to be included in comments. This is to ensure that those children who are not permitted to have their photo displayed are protected.

Raising Issues
The Padbury Catholic Primary School pages are not a forum for issues to be raised regarding staff, students or parents/families of students. This is best done directly with the school as per our school policy. We will not support interactions that incite or fuel negative sentiments.

Not Including Names
We ask that you do not use the names of our staff, students or family of students unless these are already publicised in the original post.


The Padbury Catholic Primary School pages are not to be used for the advertising or promotion of individual and family businesses, services or products.

Underage Facebook Users
Padbury Catholic Primary School does not endorse children under the 13 year old threshold imposed by Facebook creating their own Facebook account. We all need to be good social media role models for our children. The Padbury Catholic Primary School Facebook pages operate under the Commonwealth Telecommunications Act and Facebooks Terms.

Christmas PArty

A reminder that the Padbury Catholic Parent’s Christmas Party is only a few weeks away.

Date: Friday 27th November 2020
Location: The Northshore Tavern (behind BigW)

Time: From 7pm till late

Price: $10 per person

We have an exclusive area and DJ to wind back the time with some old school hits to have a good dance!

Cocktail food platters will be supplied with vegetarian and gluten-free options. Please email and Cathy Farrell ( if you have any other specific dietary requirements.

Tickets can be purchased via Flexi Schools and includes a complimentary drink on arrival.

Please, pre-purchase tickets to assist us with final numbers, catering and venue hire.

This is always a great night and a wonderful social event to celebrate the end of a very long and formidable year.

The P&F look forward to seeing everyone!

Many thanks and wishing you a great week.

Marie Lewis, Cathy Farrel and Romina Cangelosi

P&F Christmas Party Co ordinators

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Our P&F Christmas raffle concludes in 2 weeks!

Buy your tickets now via Flexischools or at our ticket table (Mon 16th Nov 2-3pm & Fri 20th Nov 8-9am)

Tickets are $5.00 each or 3 for $10.00.

We have epic prizes up for grabs:


Renault F1 Cap signed by Daniel Ricciardo (kindly donated by Daniel Ricciardo) with a 159 piece Bunnings toolbox (Valued at $140 - kindly donated by Ian Goodenough), Wembley Golf x2 Weekday Green and Cart Hire Vouchers (Valued at $164) and an Anytime Fitness Stirling 1 month membership, fitness consult and merchandise pack (Valued at $228)

2nd Prize:

Twin Pack of Parliament House Wine (kindly donated by Peter Katsambanis) with a $50 Bunnings Voucher and a Salon Express Voucher (Valued at $50)

3rd prize:

Warwick Super Bowl Game Vouchers with a Book Pack (Valued at $200) (kindly donated by Fremantle Press)

4th Prize:

The Pilates Co North Beach - 5 Class Pack (Valued at $150) with a 50% off Cacti and Co Voucher

5th Prize:

$100 worth of Alex Junior Coffee Tokens (kindly donated by Padbury Pharmacy and Alex Junior) - YES! That’s 20 COFFEES!!! and two 2 for 1 Vouchers to Adventure World

6th Prize:

MBA Sports School Holiday Camp Vouchers (Valued at $120) with a 20% off Hey Sweetcheeks Cupcakes Voucher

7th Prize:

Oh Hey WA Walking Tour Voucher (Valued at $80) with a Jesters Padbury Voucher (Valued at $20)

8th Prize:

Oh Hey WA Walking Tour Voucher (Valued at $80) with a Craigie Leisure Centre Gift Pack - Visor, Backpack, Water Bottle & Coffee Cup

9th Prize:

Iplay 1 x Super Play Pack (Valued at $26) with a Bakers Delight Whitfords Christmas Cake/Tarts (Valued at $25) and a City of Joondalup cooler bag

10th Prize:

Coffee Club Whitfords Voucher (Valued at $20) with an Iplay 1 x Play Pack (Valued at $20) and a City of Joondalup cooler bag

Raffle will be drawn at P&F Christmas Party (27th November).

Any queries, please contact me on 0417959347 or

Many thanks

Romina Cangelosi


Travel and COVID19

The following information has been issued by CEWA regarding travel and Covid19.

As the end of the year approaches, some families may choose to leave Western Australia to travel to interstate or overseas destinations. As the COVID-19 pandemic is constantly evolving, sometimes rapidly, parents are encouraged to evaluate the necessity and impact of planned travel over the upcoming Christmas holiday break. For example, the Western Australian state government requires overseas travellers to undertake mandatory quarantine in a Perth hotel at their own expense. Should you wish to travel, parents are asked that they consult the following websites and contact numbers to remain informed about border restrictions, exemptions and quarantine requirements:

Entry to Australia Website: COVID-19: Entering Australia Phone:1800 020 080

Entry to WA Website: COVID-19: Entering Western Australia Phone:13 26 843


Students who intend to travel to/from overseas destinations, who are not listed in the Australian travel exemption categories, will require two letters to support their applications to return to Australia:

1. A confirmation of enrolment letter from Lisa Rodgers, Director General of the Department of Education, Western Australia

2. A travel support letter from Dr Andrew Robertson, Chief Health Officer, Western Australia.


Should parents require support letters for their child:

1. Email the school office and acknowledge that you are aware that your child may be required to quarantine for 14 days in a Perth COVID-19 hotel upon return to Australia at your own expense.

2. Please also provide your child’s:

· First name; Surname; Date of birth (e.g. 13 May 2002)

· Full Australian address; Full overseas address

3. The school will request the generation of the two letters and email both letters to parents when received.

4. Parents attach both letters to their child’s application to return to Australia.

Please note that the process for generation of support letters can take up to two weeks. This being the case, parents are asked to attend to the above mentioned process no later than the end of November.

Please direct enquiries regarding this process to the school office via the admin email or phone the school office.

padbury cares

Here is the direct link to the Padbury Cares page on our website, should you wish to register.


PCPS now has an OFFICIAL FaceBook and Instagram page!

If you haven't already done so, please like/follow/share us!



Parish Update

WYFI: 24:7 Whitford Youth Group – For all youth in Years 6 to 12. 1st, 3rd & 5th Fridays @ Whitford Parish Hall, 7pm. Call Amanda 0421144992 or Luke 041822932 for more information. We look forward to welcoming Year 5students at our Whitford Youth Faith Initiative - WYFI (parish youth group) on Friday, 27th November from 7pm in readiness for their involvement in 2021 when in Year 6.

Christmas Eve outdoor Mass - we invite children to come to the rehearsal on Saturday 19th December at 10am where they will be allocated different roles: shepherds, angels, Mary, Joseph, star bearers etc. All PCPS families are invited to come to this special children’s mass. As it is an outdoor mass on the oval near the church, we are Covid complaint regarding distancing.

Fr Francis and I would like to thank school communities for their kind support this passing year and wish them a nice well deserved summer holiday, a blessed Christmas and a truly rewarding happy new year 2021. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.

Rev Fr Cyprian M Shikokoti - PP

Our Lady of the Mission, Whitford Parish

Website :

community news