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The important Alamo people

learn about William Travis,David(Davy)crockett,James Bowie&the battle of the Alamo.
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the people who fought in the Alamo are above us in our hearts.

James Bowie's Death

James Bowie was famous for the ''bowie''knife he used.While he was getting Texas soldiers ready for to fight he became very ill.He was sick in battle and the mexicans shot him in bed and that is how James Bowie died.

what the Alamo leader did

In January 1836,William B. Travis and 30 other soldiers entered the Spanish mission known as the Alamo in San Antonio.Just days later Travis became the commander of all the soldiers at the mission.Although he was only 26 years old,Travis said he was willing to stay and fight no matter what.

Santa Anna and the Mexican sodiers

Santa Anna and 5,000 Mexican soldiers marched to the Alamo in red and blue uniformes ready for battle.Little did the Texans know they were going to get Attacked.

an Alamo prison picture

The gun Davy Crockett used in the Battle