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September 29, 2017

Conference Prep NEXT WEEK

Our conference prep focus for next week is the addition of contents to your site pages. By the end of this week you should have a site with your title, picture, About Me, and one page per course in your grade level drop down. Each page will ultimately include an artifact (something you created) and a reflection (what you have to say about it).

You should already have had some class discussion about what you will be using for your artifact and what you'll be including in your reflection. Since your site must be built on our shared MacBooks using Google Sites, you'll need to work fast! Here is a quick Q and A about Performance Portfolios.

  1. Do I have to have a Performance Portfolio? Yes, all students will create a portfolio that we'll share with parents/guardians at conferences and we'll use as a warehouse for quality exhibits all year long.
  2. What exactly do I need to have in my portfolio? The following are the minimum requirements: Home page with title, head shot, and About Me, a page for every course (except 8 Study Hall and 6 Skills/SH), content for every page (artifact and reflection), and growth content (screen shot of your fall 2017 NWEA results)
  3. What if my parents don't come to conferences? If your parents/guardians are not available on any conference night, you can show your portfolio at home.
  4. What if I don't get it done? You can keep working on the portfolio right up until conference night. If you have missing content, you can show what you have and explain to your parent/guardian why your work is not complete.
  5. Can I use this for other purposes? Yes! Our hope is that you continue to populate this with your best work and ultimately can use it for future job, school, scholarship activities!

Your portfolio should be published when it is complete. Refer to the support information in the Canvas Community page if you have questions. Thanks to Mrs. Copple for making our Google Site screencasts and to all of the staff members that have helped you create your sites and upload content!

NWEA Results

SMS is having NWEA Data Conferences in homeroom this week and next. Each student will get a look at his/her fall performance in math, reading, and language conventions as well as relative strengths and growth targets. Check out the chart below to see how our three grade-level averages compare to each other. The dots denote the school mean RIT for each grade in each test.
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Upcoming Special Events


This Friday, October 6th, is the end of our first grading period. Teachers will finalize grades immediately after break and report cards will be published on Wednesday, October 18th.


SCSD2 Fall Break is October 9-13. We've got a full school week next week and at 2:55 PM on October 6th, we're launching you into a week of rest, relaxation, and celebration for completing the first grading period! Enjoy. School will resume on Monday, October 16th.


Did you ever wake up for school and wish you could wear your pajamas to school? Well you are in luck. On Wednesday, October 18th, SMS Builders Club is holding a PJ pants day to help raise money for the Scottsburg Clearing House and the OVO Head Start Christmas party. For a $1 donation, you will be allowed to wear your PJ pants to school and help support two great programs in Scottsburg. Listen to the announcements after fall break for reminders.


The SMS Fall Award Assembly will be held on Friday, October 20th. We'll be recognizing last year's Academic Top 10%, our top performers for fall NWEA, our fall athletes, our Character Counts honorees, our Spell Bowl team, and our Drama Club. We will also have our Dodgeball Exhibition - the winning student team will take on the staff team to determine athletic supremacy in the kingdom of SMS!


Basketball and cheer tryouts will be held the week of October 23rd. Remember that you need to have a sports physical on file prior to participating. If you have not yet had a sports physical, get yours scheduled ASAP. The clock is ticking...

Let's Get Serious About.... Google

We've had a few instances of students violating our Technology Responsible Use Policy this week. The violations have been the same. Students are downloading Google content that has been illegally uploaded by others. Remember that just because a music or video file is accessible online, doesn't mean that it is yours to download.

The only music or video content that should be stored on your ipad or loaded into your personal Drive account should be content you created or content that you can prove you own.

SMS students are not to use school devices to break federal copyright law. If you have illegally downloaded material on your iPad or in your school-provided accounts (like Drive, DropBox, or Canvas) you will receive a consequence ranging from a detention to a suspension and a restriction on iPad use depending on the details of the violation.

Remember that your iPad is provided to you for educational purposes. You signed an agreement to follow all local and federal regulations. Let's do that.

Who's in for some DODGEBALL?

Hey gang, it’s finally here - DODGEBALL!

SMS will be hosting our 2nd annual Dodgeball Tournament on Tuesday, October 17th from 3:30-6:30. The tourney is a fundraiser for our athletic department uniform replacement fund and we hope to have tons of students and parents join in on the fun! The vital information for this fun event is below.

  • Teams consist of 6 players- any mix of SMS students.
  • Teams are encouraged to dress alike and be creative.
  • Team entry fee is $30 ($5 per player).
  • Tourney is double elimination so each team is guaranteed two games.
  • Spectators may attend! Admission is $3 for parents and non-tourney students.
  • Concessions will be available.
  • Champions get tourney championship t-shirts and the opportunity to face a faculty team at our Fall Awards Assembly on Friday, October 20th.
  • Entry forms are available in the SMS office. Entry forms and entry fees ($30) are due by Friday, October 6th (checks should be made out to SMS Athletics).
  • Each match will be officiated, and official decisions are final (no whining).

We hope you all join us for some fun!

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SMS Parent-Student-Teacher Conference Plan

SMS will hold two nights of Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences on Thursday, October 19th, and Tuesday, October 24th. The first night will be 'by appointment' and the second night will be a 'drop-in' event. Here is a plan for what will happen each night.

Thursday, October 19th 3:30-6:30 PM (BY APPOINTMENT ONLY)

Parents/guardians arrive at SMS with student and iPad at the pre-scheduled time. First stop is the media center for a 10-minute portfolio sharing session. Next, parents & students report to the wing for the 20-minute team conference.

Tuesday, October 24th 3:30-6:30 (DROP-IN)

Show up anytime in the three-hour window on drop-in day. Bring your student and his/her iPad. Head to the team table in the wing. Greet the teachers and head into one of the classrooms to view the student portfolio. If parents have questions for individual teachers, students can 'fetch them' from the hall! Sometime during the visit, swing by the Great Room for two 10-minute presentations: Parent Guide to NWEA will be shared at the top and bottom of each hour. Scottsburg High School Career Pathways will be shared at the :15 and :45 of every hour. All parents should attend both short presenations.

Parents/guardians should check family calendars now and make the decision as to what type of conference experience is preferred. Call Mrs. Walsh at 752-8926 October 2-6 to make a conference appointment. If any appointment slots are unfilled after October 6th, teachers will reach out to select parents to set times.

Next Week...

Mon. Oct. 2: B day, Science Olympiad 3-4:30, Spell Bowl 3-4

Tue. Oct. 3: A day, Art Club 3-4, Robotics 3:30-5, Drama 3-4:15, 6/7/8 VB @ Brownstown

Wed. Oct. 4: B day, Spell Bowl 3-4, Science Olympiad 3-4:30, Builders' Club Board 3-4, 6/7/8 VB @ Austin

Thu. Oct. 5: A day, Student Council 7:15 AM, Drama 3-4:15, Football @ Brownstown

Fri. Oct. 6: B day, End of Grading Period 1

Mon. Oct. 9-Fri. Oct. 13: Fall Break / No school

Mon. Oct. 16: A day, Grading Period 2 begins!