Lee Harvey Oswald

The Assassin

About Lee Harvey Oswald

Lee Harvey Oswald was born in October 18,1939 in New Orleans,Louisiana his dad died from a heart attack before Oswald was born.After his fathers death his mother Magritte Sent Oswald and his two older brothers to a orhange. He later joined the U.S marines.After coming back from the war,Oswald ordered a handgun and arrived as a rifle.Which was used to kill John.F.Kenndy,soon after getting his rifle he shot J.F.K in Dallas,Texas on November 22,1963.After two days of information of Oswald,he was taken into costudy and was shot by Jack Ruby,Oswald died November 24,1963.Oswald was know as a assassin of J.F.K.I picked this person because of the terrible thing he did.