Stage 2 Choose Smore as Term 1 ICT!

Students learn to use persuasive language in a new medium

Why Smore?

Learning to use Smore is a way to introduce stage 2 to the web 2.0 culture of designing and contributing for audiences on the World Wide Web! These beautifully designed web posters are a meaningful publication for students' effective use of persuasive language they have learned for expositions.
It is an easy to use tool which yields up professional looking products which gives students a sense of accomplishment. The web tool takes the ideas and persuasive language of students and integrates it with appropriate pictures to make something impressive.

Here are some examples:

What's the goal?

Students can begin by creating an advertisement for a favourite toy. They will write a brief description about their toy of choice, choose 2 flattering pictures of their toy, and explain why other kids should get one.
An extension project could be producing a persuasive poster for a picture book they have borrowed from the library, or a persuasive poster for the Premier's Reading Challenge.

The assessment for term 1 would be an advertising poster for Open Day 2013 done by student pairs with the goal of having Patrick choose some to be linked in the newsletter.