The Princess Bride

Morgenstern's Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure

The Princess Bride Connections

Purposes of Satire ~ Buttercup threw herself off the cliff after Westley which shows what she would do for her love .

Soccer ~

Perception vs. Reality ~ Buttercup thought Westley died but in reality he was alive .

Soccer ~ Some people might think scoring a goal might be easy but in reality it isn't .

Blurred lines between good/evil ~ Inigo killed Count Rugen which is bad but he did it to avenge his father which is good .

Soccer ~ When playing Tricking a player looks bad but it's acually good because it's necessary to win the game .

Princess Bride Unit Concept

Research ~ Westley had to reseach & learn a lot of survival stuff , before he even went to save Buttercup .

Problem Solving ~ Westley had to think about how he would rescue Buttercup.