Paws to Read!

Maddie C.


"There comes a time when you have to choose between turning the page and closing the book."

-Josh Jameson

I chose these quotes because they apply to books and life where you can either continue and go for the gold or you could just quit. Reading and life are crazy adventures that take you places every day.

About Me

I am a OK reader. I read usually 40 minutes every day. I like adventure books because everything is happening at once. I find books by looking for interesting names, then I read the description to see if it's a good book. I am also a super picky reader.

10 Things about Me:

1. If I don't like a book, I stop immediately.

2. I think Twilight is an awful book (so I will not read it).

3. I once read for six hours in a row.

4. I prefer reading with Emma, my cat.

5. I think sad books are awful.

6. Horror books are terrible.

7. I could read 100 page books in Kindergarten.

8. I read the books before I see the movies.

9. I can certain books 5 times in a row.

10. I read in the dark.

Harry Potter: Theme Song (Hedwig's Theme)

Hedwig's Theme

I chose this song because Harry Potter is one of my favorite series and the song is the very first you hear in the movie so it reminds me of the book when I hear. I also think the song is magical (imagine sparkles came across the screen) and it's very mysterious.

Written by John Williams

My Interests

My Interests

Some of my favorite books are the Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and the Heroes of Olympus series because they are all fantasy and action adventure. The main characters are all likable and you say, "What would I do?" and you feel like you are on the adventure with them. Another favorite book of mine was Out of My Mind since Melody has a disability and she can't talk. She can't even tell her parents, "I love you." Out of My Mind is a personal favorite because you watch Melody grow and overcome her disability.

My Latest Blog Entry

My Latest Blog

The last good book I read was the Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero. It was packed with action and adventure including previous characters and new characters including, Jason, Leo, and Piper on their quest to save Hera. The next book I want to read (again) is Out of My Mind.
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Book Reccommended Sites -I like this websites because it is very helpful. It has different age areas so if you typed in a word you wouldn't have a little kids book. Overall the website is very easy and helpful to use.
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