"One Happy Island"

Picture it....

You lying on the beach with a cold, fresh drink in your hand... You can feel the white sand between your toes, and the sun gently kissing your skin. You also hear the waves crashing on the shore, while it gives off its salty scent. Now, ask yourself, "Don't you think it's about time to finally experience this?".

~Aruban Culture~


Aruba's most popular dishes are funchi (Aruban polenta) and pan bati (Aruban pancake). But normally, beef, chicken, rice, and fish are to be eaten most often. Aruba also have a great taste in snacks. Some of these include: pastechi, croquette, bolita di keshi (ball of cheese), and cala. Or, if you have more of a sweet tooth, you can get: bolo di cashupete (cashew cake), bolo di glas (jello cake), cocada (coconut candy), soenchi (or meringue cookies), or quesillo.


When you pass shops you can hear different types of music/songs through the open doors. Salsa, merengue, mixed American top forty, and a cornucopia of musical backgrounds are used to express its exuberant and cosmopolitan attitude. Some of the top 5 most popular songs in Aruba are: Diamonds (Rihanna), Gangnam Style (Psy), Girl on Fire (Alica Keys), Ai Se Eu Te Pego (Michel Telo), and Danza Kuduro (Don Omar). When you visit Aruba, you may find some songs you like, and some that you may come to like from all over the world.


Rihanna - Diamonds by astronautaoficial


PSY-Gangnam Style by Ericwkh


Alicia Keys - Girl On Fire by zokerx


Ai se eu te pego by matias_bolsilludo_95

James Jon

Danza Kuduro Don omar by James Jon

>Attractions & Activities<

There are many different types of activities to chose from. You can: go on a jeep adventure, parasail, reef and wreck dive, kite and wind surf, snorkel, and go on bottom fishing trips. If that's not fun for you, then you can rent a sunfish, jet ski, wave runner, or tube! The best part is where to do all of that. You can choose over a variety of places to have fun, hang out, or just relax.


Have you ever dreamed of going 500 feet up into the air? Then this might be the perfect thing for you! You can get a great birds eye view the island has to offer. Soar through the sky and take on new heights on this fabulous adventure around the island. If you don't feel like going by yourself, you can ride with 2 other people! Now everyone can have fun. Just don't forget to put on your seat belt.

Jeep Adeventure (Natural Pool)

While on the Jeep Adventure you can visit Aruba's most intriguing sites such as: the Mill Ruins, Alto Chapel, and the California lighthouse. You can twist and turn through the rough, rolling hills of Aruba's country side. You think that's good? The best part is the Natural Pool! There you can not only witness the blue waters, but you can actually get to swim in it! Have the time of your life on this extraordinary adventure.


What's a better way to explore the underwater life of the Caribbean than snorkeling?! Explore a mystical underwater world that can only be seen in Aruba. It surely is a experience that no one could ever forget! You will be to witness the colorful world of various types of tropical fish and underwater plants. Explore fish up close and coral closer with the entire family!


The Westin Resort & Casino

The Westin Resort & Casino is one of the many casinos that are located in Aruba. Since gambling is legal on the island, it is one of the local's and tourist's favorite way to pass time. You can enter any casino in Aruba if you are at least eighteen. When you visit The Westin Casino all of your beverages and snacks are on the house.

Party Busses

Party busses are the perfect way to explore what the night has to offer. You can get tours that allows you to visit the hottest diners, clubs, and magic/comedian shows. On the way you will be able to stop at souvenir shops, as well. All that and you can still party and dance on the road. This is a fun and wild experience that anyone would enjoy.

Caribbean Cinemas

Located in the center of the tourist area. Caribbean Cinemas has a fun and approachable design that sticks out to, not only tourists but, anyone that happens to be passing by. The palms and the auditorium portals that decorate the theater have color changing LED lights which gives the theater a retro look. The auditoriums are comfortable and spacious to guarantee you will enjoy your show.


More About Aruba

Aruba is a wonderful place to get to know new people. Many different people with different nationalities come to visit Aruba, so schools teach different languages, like English, Spanish, and French. But of course, Aruba has its own language(s). Since Aruba is part of the Netherlands, a lot of the Dutch happen to live there, which caused the language to spread across the island, making it a main language. The number one main language is Papiamentu. Which is a mixture of Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, English, French, and it also has some Arawak Indian and African Influences. It is also one of the few Creole languages that has survived in the Caribbean today. The people of Aruba are happy to receive tourists and make sure they give you the vacation you deserve. That's why they call Aruba "One Happy Island".

If you only have American dollars with you when you travel to Aruba, there is no need to convert that money into Aruban florin (their currency). They also happen to accept dollars as well! So there is no need to worry when it comes to shopping! In fact Aruba receives nearly 1.25 million tourist each year, and nearly 75% of those tourists are Americans. So they made it necessary for them to accept American currency.

Still not persuaded, yet? Check out the video below and maybe you might change your mind.

Top 10 Reasons Why Visitors Choose Aruba

Why Aruba?

So, why Aruba? There are a lot of magnificent places yet to be discovered by your wondering eyes, am I correct? Well, Aruba is a wonderful place for the entire family. You can: parasailing, snorkel, or visit a private island by day. Then party or have a romantic dinner on the beach by night! Come and find yourself lost in a world of wonder and excitement on this beautiful tropical island.