Native American Education

Eatonville School District

March 2021 Full Worm Moon or Full Sap Moon

Aaniin! Hello in Ojibwe! March is here and it is the month of the Worm Moon or Sap Moon or Crow Moon, just to name a few. We are back to "in-person" school and like many of you, I am excited to have some sense of "normalcy" in daily life and looking forward to this new season.
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Contact Information

Dorothy Apple

Program Manager

Native American Education

P.O.Box 699

Eatonville, WA 98328

Tuesdays, Portable 5 EHS Campus


Title VI Indian Education Grant/ Parent Advisory Committee 2021/2022

It is that time again to apply for our Title VI Indian Education grant. I have submitted Part I and we will be gearing up for Part II and our Public Hearing. Please check your email for these important dates. Our Parent Advisory Committee is open to all parent/caregivers of eligible Native American Education Program students. This is a leadership role that provides guidance for our Native American Education Program, events and grant goals. If you would like to be a part of this committee or have any questions, please contact me. Be a voice for our Native youth!
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Google Classrooms at EHS and EMS

Our Native students enrolled in the Title VI Indian Ed. Program have a Google Classroom at both Eatonville High School and Eatonville Middle School. Students receive an email when a new posting is added. Seniors be sure to check out college information/scholarships and virtual college fairs. Students if you have ideas for our classroom, drop me an email. Parents/Caregivers, have your student invite you to their Google Classroom and you too will receive notice when things are posted.

Eatonville Elementary Schools

Because I am unable to do a Google Classroom for our elementary Native students, I will post activities, stories and other resources for our younger ones here is this newsletter. Enjoy!

Nasa's website for students has information what's happening in the skies and other interesting science:

How to build a terrarium - learn about the water cycle:

If you make a terrarium, send me a picture and I w2ill include it in our next newsletter.

How to draw a Mandala

Ever wonder how they draw the mandala so concentric, here is a tutorial on how and

you're going to be surprised at how easy it is:

Ininiwizh & Memengwaa/Milkweed & Butterfly

In Ojibwe & English

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Butterfly Project and/or Three Sister's Garden

Last summer some of you participated in raising Painted Lady Butterflies. Butterflies are great pollinators and we know the bees can use all the help they can get in pollinating. This year I would like to offer the opportunity to again raise the Painted Lady Butterflies. Another project is the 3 Sisters Garden. This traditionally consists of corn, beans and some type of squash. Some 3 Sister Gardens can be raised in a big pot, so if you do not have ground space, consider one in a large pot. If you are interested in participating in these projects, please email me so I can order enough supplies, I need to hear from you by March 26th. You will be responsible for documenting your project, taking pictures and sharing the documentation with me, you will be supplied with the materials needed.
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