Pearl Gems Night Out!

Come out for some FUN & GATHERING with this fabulous team!!!

Mix Trampoline Dodgeball + 20 "Blinged Out" Stylists, what do you get???

Really SPARKLY women jumping all over the place!!!! Remember as a kid how fun jumping on a trampoline was? Well we get to do that AND play dodgeball at the same time!!! Don't be scared! 6 year olds play this! We use soft, foam balls!

1 hour of Trampoline Dodgeball, 2 teams, 3 drinks afterwards!!!! Haha!!
PLEASE RSVP by September 11th so I can book the court!

Come out for a night of fun "Team Building" then we will all go for drinks afterwards!
Not interested in Trampoline Dodgeball? (which I totally don't know why you wouldn't be), then just come meet us for drinks!!!

No agenda! Just F.U.N!!! Connect with the ladies, a little friendly competition....don't worry, there are referees watching us the whole time!

Whether you are a hobby or part time stylist, been around for awhile or BRAND NEW to our team, EVERYONE IS WELCOME to join!
Honestly, it's just about coming out for a good time.

Cost of Trampoline Dodgeball will depend on the number of participants!! Min. 10 Max. 20 participants! (~$21-42/pp depending on # of people)
1. I am happy to cover part of the cost to lower your cost
2. Buy the appies at the place we go have drinks
Majority rules!

Pearl Gems "Trampoline Dodgeball" Night......AND Drinks! Bring it!

Friday, Sep. 27th 2013 at 7:30pm to Saturday, Sep. 28th 2013 at 8:30pm

45 Esandar Dr

Toronto, ON

Unit 1A

Drinks after Dodgeball! Unlimited # of Pearl Gems welcome!!
Location TBD. Near Dodgeball location!

RSVP: Claudia
RSVP a MUST by September 11th due to cap on participants!

7:15- arrive 15 min. early for instructions
7:30-8:30pm - Trampoline Dodgeball
9:00pm-whenever - Drinks!!!