Do you know how good it could be?

The anti-cancer diet, hormone balancing, and weight loss

Most of us

Know someone who has been affected by cancer, either directly or indirectly. Some have it as their family history, others have faced it head on's too close for comfort all round. A friend of mine has had cancer in the past and fought is successfully, however there is a new growth and she's undergoing surgery shortly to have her spleen removed. We had dinner this week and had fascinating discussion about foods and health, as we are BOTH doing the Arbonne 28-Day Clean Eating Program for very different reasons.

She is following it as it mirrors the anti-cancer diet she has read about extensively, which focuses on alkalinizing the body and avoiding acidifying foods. She feels fantastic and will go into her surgery strong, balanced and healthy to optimize her recovery. She was pleased to have me share her story with you, in hopes that it might help someone else

I am following it to balance my hormones, manage my adrenal fatigue and cortisol excess and to overall lose weight I've put on in recent years. I eat well overall, but struggle with portion control and indulge more often in foods I should be avoiding (namely dairy and sugar - in the form of wine).

The Standard American Diet is SAD!

And not just because it's also the acronym! The average person lives on bread, cereal, grains, meat and dairy. ALL of which are incredibly acidifying to our bodies. On the opposite side of the spectrum are alkaline foods; fruits, vegetables, herbs, essential fatty acids and are consumed in very small quantities (again, I'm referring to averages here). My holistic nutrition background was rooted in the alkaline vs acidic balance concept; ideally you want to be on the alkaline side. An acidic system is susceptible to illness (from cold and flu to cancer), whereas disease and illness cannot survive in an alkaline environment. So if you were to be brutally honest with yourself, which side of the spectrum are you on?

Is half of your plate (at every meal) comprised of vegetables?

Do you plan your meals around protein and veg, and snack on fruit and nuts and seeds? Or do you consider the tomato in your spaghetti sauce your vegetable?

Do you get that 3pm crash and need caffeine and or sugar to bounce out of it?

Do you wake feeling rested in the morning? Is your digestion happy or sluggish?

Is your skin glowing or blemished?

Are you mentally clear or do you have brain fog?

Do you really know how good your body is designed to feel?

Did you know you could try the Arbonne plan for 28-Days and return it if you weren't satisfied? (We do have a 45-Day money back guarantee after all)

What are you waiting for?