Jack the Ripper

Greatest Unsolved Mystery

Living in the 1800's was bad enough, but for the people in London in 1888 it was worse. In London's east side there were a number of gruesome murders by a serial killer they called Jack the Ripper. Jack the Ripper isn't really famous for the number of people he killed but by how brutal they were and how easily he avoided the police. There is no solid evidence to why this person wanted to kill people because they were never caught.

Media Perspective of Murders

Violence always catches media and peoples attention. In the early 18th century newspapers became popular and they realized that they could make a huge profit off of these murders, and that is why when the killings started happening the media had it on the front page every time.
Another way the media was affected by these killings was by the killer themselves. Jack the Ripper would take organs and body parts and send them to the police department along with letters taunting them and telling them that he wouldn't get caught.

Bias in the Media

The media after the first murder didn't know much about the murders. But by the second and third murder it was apparent that this killer was on a rampage and was not going to stop until he either left or got caught.
Some of the newspapers at the time would shy away from the details because of how bad the killings were, but some of the other news outlets put everything in not shying away from anything.
Jack the Ripper


The first criticism I would put along with this event would be historical, the reason why would be because serial killers have been a thing in the past. Another way this could be considered a historical criticism is because other famous serial killers in the past had used similar techniques to Jack the Ripper to evade police.
The second criticism I would use would be marxist. Not because of the killer but by the media at the time. When the killings first started no one really made it a big deal but after the second and third people and the media started eating it up and reporting about the killings as much as they could. The way it would be marxist is by the way the media glorified the gruesome killings to make a profit in newspaper sales.