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Summer 2023

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  • News and Updates (TALE and ILA)
  • Committee Reports
  • Message from outgoing Chair Dr. Garden
  • Message from incoming Chair Dr. Larue
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News and Updates

From ILA

Call for Manuscripts:

The Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy (JAAL) is seeking contributions for a special issue on literacies in global contexts. JAAL provides a global forum of peer-reviewed research and praxis to situate adolescent and adult literacies.

The editors are particularly seeking articles that elevate diverse cultural and linguistic contextual factors within populations of adolescent and adult literacy learners ages 12 and older from across the globe. Manuscripts may include empirical studies on literacies in non-U.S. based research contexts; commentaries that examine aspects of globalism in relation to the author’s context and literacy expertise; discussions of pedagogical models/literacy curriculum that address globalism or center learners’ local and global funds of knowledge and bi/multilingualism; book/media reviews that contribute to the broader understanding of literacies in global contexts.

Interested contributors are encouraged to contact the editorial team to discuss the fit and development of manuscripts. Please send all inquiries to jaal.office@wiley.com.

For more information on writing for JAAL, see the Author Guidelines at:


Proposed timeline:

Manuscript submissions due by October 30, 2023

Initial decisions by December 15, 2023

Professional Development Opportunities

Backed by Research, Fueled by Results: Comprehension Lessons That Work

Wednesday, August 2, 2023

5:00 p.m.–6:30 p.m. ET

The right strategy at the right time can make all the difference in comprehension instruction. Join Lori D. Oczkus, best-selling author and literacy consultant, as she shares short, sharp mini-lessons designed to dramatically improve comprehension skills using any text and at any grade level. Each evidence-based lesson is powered by the “Fab Four” reciprocal teaching approach of predict, question, clarify, and summarize. Lori will share successful implementation models from schools around the globe and participants will leave loaded with ready-to-use resources, coaching tips, and ideas that can be implemented immediately.

Who should register: Classroom teachers, literacy/instructional coaches, reading/literacy specialists, literacy supervisors/coordinators, and instructional leads

Registration: $29.00 members | $35.00 nonmembers

Special pricing is available for groups of 5+, students, and individuals in countries with developing economies. Contact customerservice@reading.org for details

New Voices in Children’s and YA Lit: Meet the 2023 ILA Award-Winning Authors

Thursday, August 10, 2023
5:00 p.m.–6:30 p.m. ET

ILA’s Children’s and Young Adult Book Awards shine a spotlight on emerging authors who display unusual promise with their first or second publication. At this webinar, emceed by book awards chair Sonja Ezell, age-level subcommittee leads Miriam Martinez, Margaret Osgood Opatz, and Thu Anh Nguyen will sit down with some of this year’s winners for a robust discussion about their books’ contemporary relevance and universal themes, the importance of authentic and engaging texts, and the power that high-quality, diverse children’s literature holds to open our minds to the past, present, and future.

Who should register: Classroom teachers, literacy/instructional coaches, librarians, reading/literacy specialists, literacy supervisors/coordinators, and instructional leads



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The Heart of Literacy Connects Us - Save the Date for Our 2024 Conference!!!

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Thank you for your interest in the Texas Association for Literacy Education's 2024 Annual Conference which will take place at Baylor University in Waco. TX on March 1-2, 2024.

Please submit your TALE 2024 conference session proposal by fully responding to all the required questions. If you have any questions about this submission form or general conference questions, please email tale.conference@texasreaders.org.

Conference Proposals are due August 31, 2023 by 11:59 pm

Proposals will be reviewed in late September and notifications of acceptance will go out by mid - September.

Vol. 10 No. 1 (2023): The Texas Journal of Literacy Education

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction Reading Faculty at Texas A&M University-Commerce took on the editorial duties for the Texas Journal for Literacy Education (TJLE) in the Spring of 2022, after the leadership from the Texas Woman’s University team in the years prior. The A&M Commerce editorial team consists of bright leadership that will continue to not only provide literacy research and content that is relevant at the state level, but the team hopes to continue to push the journal to more of a national presence. The team that was formed comes from a wide array of backgrounds, and will certainly look to fill the journal with diverse perspectives, and make efforts to encourage a balance of scholarly research and practitioner based articles. We also will seek to encourage more of a variety of authors to submit their work–such young scholars, graduate students, teachers, and other literacy educators dedicated to providing quality instruction and practices. We are excited to receive manuscripts for the next few years, and look forward to learning about and sharing state and national level expertise in literacy education.

The Texas Journal of Literacy Education (TJLE) is TALE’s official peer-reviewed scholarly journal.

Call for Future TJLE Manuscript Submissions

Publishing Date: Fall 2023 (Tentative publishing date: November 15th)

Topic: Open Submissions (A variety of literacy topics are welcomed--particularly those relevant to issues related to Texas literacy education)

Submissions Due: September 15, 2023


Publishing Date: Spring 2024 (Tentative publishing date: April 15th)

Topic: Literacy Coaching and Professional Development in Education

Submissions Due: February 15, 2024

We value original research and insights from all voices and encourage you to submit your work. TJLE is committed to providing a forum for a variety of voices and viewpoints

We value original research and insights from all voices and encourage you to submit your work. TJLE is committed to providing a forum for a variety of voices and viewpoints.

We look forward to your submissions!


  • Kamshia Childs, EdD, Lead Editor
  • Laura Slay, PhD, Lead Editor
  • Tami Morton, PhD, Associate Editor
  • Juan Araujo, PhD, Associate Editor
  • Committee Reports


    This is a good article about what has passed: https://www.tasb.org/members/advocate-district/2023-lege-recap/

    Here is the link to the agenda with the info on the Day at the Capitol: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SELy3nPk-Jj1BdR7MODUyy-qPxBxUWxulo04Vw0wXpk/edit?usp=drive_link

    We would also like to encourage members to start thinking about who they can nominate for our Leadership in Literacy Awards! Nominations will go out in October. Here are the requirements:

    • A PK-12 Educator - this is someone who is working in the classroom to advocate for literacy for students, helping students to thrive in their literacy lives, and building his/her capacity as a literacy leader.
    • Non-Classroom Literacy Leader - this is someone who is NOT in a PK-12 classroom, that means it could be a student, bus driver, non-profit organization, professor, principal, or librarian who is working to advocate for literacy for students, helping students to thrive in their literacy lives and is building his/her capacity as a literacy leader.

    Here is more information on our 2022 - 2023 Winners:

    2022 PK-12 Classroom Literacy Leader - Katherine Rogge:

    • Katherine Rogge - Madden Elementary, Fort Bend ISD

      • Lab Classroom Leader

      • Supports EB students through literacy access

      • Developed and led district PD for first-year teachers with a focus on literacy

    • New member of the Advocacy Committee

    • Follow her on Twitter: @miss_rogge

    2022 Non-Classroom Literacy Leader - Joan Lange:

    • Librarian, Joan Lange - Annunciation Orthodox School, Houston, TX

      • Publishes bi-monthly in the Association of Independent School Libraries (AISL)

      • Co-Sponsor for school Literary Magazine

      • Hosts author writing workshop “History as Story”

      • Hosts Poetry Slam to showcase student writing

      • https://aislnews.org/author/joanl/

    Community Involvement

    • Initial action step: TALE Community Involvement Blog/social media posts

      • Outcome from TALE conference brainstorming session

      • Example: Local library literacy scavenger hunt, highlight that local library and their work, highlight what community organizations or families/caregivers can do and how they can get involved

      • Kelly will lead first post, other committee members will add once per month

      • Kelly to send out final details to committee after tonight’s board meeting and approval from board

      • Question: to update website, who do I contact?

    • Likely next action step: Event/initiative in Waco area to promote TALE conference/engage teachers, service center, etc with community literacy activity (as an outcome of a blog/social media post or used in tandem with)

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    Communications Development

    • Newsletter: Pearl is working on it. Send her information to contribute (ideas, pics, flyers that are ILA related to share)

    • Social Media: Sorry that social media has been so quiet. We still haven't found a new Social Media Coordinator. I am willing to help/support whoever would like to take over. Please share the next steps. Note: Jill Culmo will be the Social Media Coordinator starting July 1.

    • TALE Journal: New issue was published on May 2, 2023: Please check it out: https://www.talejournal.com/index.php/TJLE/issue/view/8

    The issue also contains a call for future topics that will be themed issues. Thank you to the Texas A&M University-Commerce editing team!

    Educator Empowerment

    Spring 2023 Book Study

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    The Educator Empowerment Committee is planning new and excited events for the 23 -24 term. Consider joining us. See how below.

    Committee Sign-Up

    Committee Work is What Grows us! Consider Joining us!

    June Meeting Minutes

    Message from our Past-Chair Dr. Garden


    As chair of TALE, I have had the awesome opportunity to share our mission of enhancing the lives of Texas citizens. We have had a fantastic annual conference, bookstudies, and webinars! Our membership has grown and will continue!

    My goals were to grow and engage our membership. I wanted to expand our reach to impact more people in the state. We worked diligently to make TALE a brand that you associate with promoting literacy education that will enhance the lives of all Texas citizens personally, socially, and economically. We are doing this by reaching out to educators both in the k-12 space and in higher education as well as librarians and others who share our love for literacy! We will continue to grow our committee work so that when you join, you can also get right to work!

    My charge to all TALE membership still is to get involved, participate in our upcoming events, and share our vision with your networks!

    It has truly been my pleasure to serve for the love of literacy!

    Dr. Pearl

    Message from our New Chair Dr. LaRue

    TALE has come a long way since Dr. Jack Cassidy began this organization. We never could have predicted the many challenges we've had to face, especially in the last few years. Like many other literacy organizations, TALE had to navigate and overcome the challenges the pandemic caused. Educators at every level, from early childhood to higher education, had to navigate unknown territory. TALE made a quick shift to accommodate the needs we heard from members by providing resources and online professional development. As we came out of the pandemic, we began to witness literacy educators who were exhausted, feeling under appreciated, and watching many colleagues leave the profession. We witnessed the attacks made against books that represented the diverse voices across the state. This legislative year had an extensive list of bills related to book banning. Then, the term "Science of Teaching Reading" began to be used in many educational conversations and publications. The debate between what STR means has brought about a lot of questions and opinions on the topic. Again, TALE worked tirelessly to support, educate, and advocate all these challenges.

    For the 2023-2024 fiscal year, our strategic goals include:

    • Connecting researchers and practitioners

    • Learning and growing within committees

    • Local councils collaborating with communities across the state

    We know that literacy is complex. So, the purpose of these goals is to place the focus on growing and learning together. It's our love of literacy that brings us all together.

    TALE Chair - 2023 - 2024

    Dr. Liza LaRue

    TALE Newsletter Editor - Dr. Pearl Garden

    I am excited to share the business and actions of TALE. I am looking for new and innovative ways to share our message with you, our members. See the form below to share those ideas.

    Dr. Pearl

    Got Newsletter Ideas?

    Share your ideas for items to add to the newsletter. Complete this google form.

    Join Us!

    Be sure to visit us on our social media pages as well as our website! Also consider our instagram account Instagram.com/TxLiteracyEd