Sammy Davis Jr.

The Man That Did It All

Childhood on the Go

When Sammy was born he was living with his grandma.By the time Sammy was 3 his parents split up s\and he went to live with his father.His father was a working as an entertainer in a dance troupe.When his father and uncle went on tour,Sammy was brought along with.While Sammy's father was preforming he would sit backstage and practice tap dancing.After a while of tapping ,Sammy got good at it and his uncle and father started the Will Mastin Trio.

Rising Star

After WWII Sammy Kick Started his Showbiz Career. He still preformed with the Will Mastin Trio and Started to branch off on his own.First starting out singing in night clubs and recording records.Sammy Davis Jr's Career went off in 1947 when the Trio opened for Frank Sinatra at the capitol Theater in New York.Then Sammy did a performance with Mickey Rooney caught the ear of Decca Records in 1954.Then after he was signed he was in a faithful car accident. He was seriously injured and losing an eye.He had to wear a glass eye for most of his life.

To The End

Throughout the 70s and 80s The multi-talented Sammy Davis Jr. Continued his great career.While in this career Sammy was acting in such shows and movies like General Hospital,The Tonight show ,and The Carol Burnett Show.In the 1980 Sammy Davis Jr's health was beginning to fade. Sammy was a very heavy smoker and the doctors found a tumor in his throat.on May 16th 1990 Sammy Davis Jr. Passed away of a heart attack in his home in Beverly Hills California.This ended a great musical career of a good man