October's Newsletter

Mrs. Gonzalez Second Grade Class

About Mrs. Gonzalez

Hello, I am Mrs. Gonzalez and I'm your child's second grade teacher. I graduated from University of Houston this past spring and this is my first year teaching. This past few months have been very exciting for me and every day I love being a teacher even more. My students and I, both learn from each other every single day, and I look forward to continuing to see them grow during this school year.

Help Wanted!

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On October 23, we will be having our school's fall festival. As you may know, our fall festival is a fundraiser for the school. For this reason, our second graders are being asked to bring two chocolate bars which will be used as prizes in one of our contests. We also need volunteers, so if you are interested please stop by the front office to sign up. Thank you!

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Houston Museum of Natural Science

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This past week we have been learning about dinosaurs in class. The students have been very excited during the lessons and they are simply amazed by all the different types of dinosaurs that they are learning about. On October 17, we are having a field trip to the Houston Museum of Natural Science. We will leave school at 8 a.m. and will be back in school at 2 p.m. Students are required to pay $5 for this trip, and lunch will be provided to them.

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Reading Program

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During October, we are continuing our reading program. This month students will read between 10-25 minutes a day outside of school. The reading program is very beneficial to each student because it will help them improve their reading and reading comprehension. Please remember to write down how long your child reads each day and to sign the reading program checklist.

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Stay Connected

If you have any questions or simply want an update on how your child is doing we can always schedule a conference time. My conference time is Monday-Wednesday from 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. If we can't make a time work for both of us, you can always call me at (713)732-2222 or we can even video chat on Skype. It is fundamental for parents and teachers to work together so that each student can succeed, and I am always extremely happy to talk to you about how your child is doing, and how we can both help him/her if they are struggling. Hope to talk to you soon.

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