Day in the Life of a Roman Teenager

By: Q James

Food & Drink

Wealthy Roman teenagers sit on a couch to eat. They prop their selves up with their elbows while they eat with their hands. A slave would bring a bowl of water for them to wash their hands. They eat pig udders stuffed with sea urchins, roasted flamingo, and roses for dessert. They drink glasses of wine with their meal. It may not sound like it tastes good, but it is delectamentum (Delicious in Latin).

Law & Order

Punishments are not based on how harsh the action was. Punishments were based on wealth. If you are wealthy you don't get harsh punishments. You have a lot of freedom if you are wealthy.

Family Life

Roman Teenagers get married young. On wedding days they celebrated with their families, and there was a great feast after the ceremony.
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There are incredible structures in Rome like The Coliseum.

Country Life

Dads like their kids to be tough, and work on the farm. That is not the case. Wealthy kids don't have to work much. They just relax, and sit by the pool.


Romans entertain themselves by wrestling, weightlifting, and a few other sports. After getting sweaty, Romans bathe in oil. It's helps them clean their selves off.


Romans only go to school when they are teenagers if they want to be a lawyer. If you don't want to become a lawyer, you complete education by age 12.
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There are many fountains in Rome. Rome is nicknamed 'City of Fountains' because of the many fountains.