edu 210 module 9 Kara Oliver


Quizlet is an app that teachers can use to create quizes. However, of more importance the students can create their own quizes or quizes for their friends. There is also a search feature that allows you to look up your subject and the site gives you its own questions. This is an amazing at home study tool, or a great way for students to check their knowledge before entering a new topic.

The best part is its free, and even if you don't have access to an device with Apps you can google quizlet and it comes right up.

Social studies key terms

This is a free app that can be downloaded onto any device. It has topics to choice from such as economics or history and gives you the options of on screen flash cards or just the terms straight up.

This is great for students who struggle reading the text book, for studying or just for understanding the material.

You can even use it to make sure you understand an essay question or if you want to put it in an essay

Today in history

This is an app great for anyone who just wants to have alittle bit of fun with history. You can make this a trivia game at the begining of class of what happened that particular day in history. More than one thing usually happened.

While this is not a unique idea, this app actually lists everything that happened. Whereas google just says the main things or interesting events.

English Grammer

This is a great app, because it works offline. So, no matter where you are working on your essay for my social class you can have a good grammer referance document. It is free and can be used on any device.

It is also more accurate then grammer check in word, and way more accurate than google.

Also, there is grammer practice sections where you can try to write out a sentence and then see what you need to fix. So, the app is practical from grade 3 and up.

AP history and social science

This is an AP that anyone can download. As a social teacher I would love for all my students to have access to AP level questions and information. So, if a student wants to challange themselves they can. Also, if they want more accurate information they can use this app to find it.