mackenize and yukon river basin

early first nation people

by Simon

Food Resources by simon

This what the mackenzie and yukon river bisan do with thier food what is the food what they eat and what they hunted with. they would hunt with bow and arrow, nets ,traps and spear. They would hunt carbiu and lynx they would eat the meat raw and cooked. In the winter when they were hunting they would put all thier food in a bag and throw it on a tree on a tree brank at nigth so animal wouldn,t get at it like woliverin.So that is the MYRB food and resources.


This is how the MYRB community/home.Each of the community are kinda like group because their are only 25-30 people in each group.That makes sense because thier always hunting alway moving never living in one spot.Their home are etheer easy to take down or they use the materal they can find to bulid a house that is to take down and or quick to take down.Sothat si their home a why they never live in one spot that the MYRB homes.

social organizion

This is what the MYRB social organizion.They would live group of 25-30 max. Theyed get divid into indepentdent terrtory when they were old enofe. it wouldn't be easy because winter was long and severed.So that the social organization of MYRB.


In the MYRB transperation. They would canoe in the summer and made them out of brich tree.In the winterthey would use snow shoe to walk. In winter when they didn't they would use the toboggen.So that the transperation of M.Y.R.B.


The MYRB clothing what they where and how they make it. The would kill caribou and they would tan the skin.They would make moccasin , tunics from the tanned caribou skin.They would use the caribou legs for the caribou.So the that the MYRB.

spirit beleifs

This is what the MYRB beliveved in or know as spiritual belief's they beliveved that there value were a gift from the creater. There learning system were the 7 grandfathers.They were thought threw story.So that the spiritual beilefs of the MYRB.