Teaching in China

iMovie - A collection of some of my favorite moments!

Rollings' Reflection Corner

I am beyond thankful for this experience. Sharing with teachers, administrators, and professors my passion for teaching in a 1:1 setting, using CBL as a vehicle to create curiosity critical thinking, and problem solving has opened my eyes to the wonderful things that Rock Hill Schools have to offer the students in our learning community.

Below, you'll find a quick video of some of my favorite moments while teaching in Beijing and Hefei. Considering the various challenges we worked to overcome while we there (language barrier, classroom culture shift, limited wi-fi access, and the simple fact that most students have not held an iPad, much less used it as a learning tool) I am very proud of the steps we took and how much we accomplished while there.

Thankfully, the iPad helped me collect quick evidence to realize the students were not ready for the original lesson I had planned. I was able to modify my lessons to set up the "flipped-classroom" approach, which I believe saved my entire "Green Unit", ensuring all students understood and applied concepts about renewable energy and how this can have a positive effect on our environment!

iMovie - Teaching in China (click below to view!)