Stop two on Brymer Road Trip 2014!

Amazing Landforms

Part of this vacation was for Mike to do his photo thing and I was really going to learn some programs for next year. Helps if you have internet that works. I decided to make a S'more for each of our stops to share and for practice! Monument Valley is so fabulous! Ancient, sacred Navajo lands. We had to pay a tour guide to take us down into the Valley and he taught us about some spiritual customs the Navajo have. Listening to Ray talk in Navajo with his partners was very peaceful and moving. I want to learn more about their customs. For example, I asked Ray if he had ever seen a huge chunk of rock fall off. He laughed and said he hoped he never did because he would have to hire a Navajo medicine man to do a ritual in protection of Ray...or the rocks. I didn't want to seem nosy because everything is spiritual to them and so I didn't ask. But I will learn!

New Things I Didn't Know!


Ray took us to an arch called Sun's Eye. It is really just this huge hole in the rocks, but it is above you! When you look into it, you see up through the rock and you see sky! There were petroglyphs that were estimated to have been carved (?) created(?) written(?) in 700 AD. They took my breath away when I first saw them. Beautiful artwork that told a story! I want to do Genius Hour with 5th grade next year and I will have a project with them. Mine is going to be on petroglyphs.

Mike and Beth

Mike has a ton of really good stuff on his website! You should go have a look!