How Technology is Upgrading

Then, Now, and The Future

First Types of Technology

Technology has been in our lives for a long period of time. My generation (21st) is one of the first generations to grow up with internet and devices in our lives. The first types of computers where not able to go on the internet ,until later in the future, the computers back then there was no mouse on the computer and they were used with special coding to do certain commands. Other than commands programed onto the computer their where Floppy Disks that your had to insert into the external hard drive disk to have the program that you want to run. When internet was introduced to the public around the early 1990s people where very fascinated by the new technology that has come out. Some people where curious to find out how to use the internet. Their where many restrictions that came with this new upgrade in life, like only one person in the house hold that could be using the internet and phone services at the same time.

Technology Today

The Technology that we have today in our world is a big difference from a few years ago. All the phones, tablets, and new computers have been getting thinner and having bigger screens. The only reason we are getting comfortable with all this new tech is because we have been using the information that we learn from the other devices and applying them to the new ones which makes it easier to learn the new features.

Future Technolgy

Future Technology is going to change our everyday lives, from school, to work, and even our free time. Nobody knows whats going to happen in the future. Some people in this generation are just getting used to the technology that recently came out.