Stem Cells!!!!

What's so great about them anyway?

Well, let me tell you!!!

Stem cells are cells that have not yet been differentiated, but can develop into different cell types of the human body. Some cells, embryonic stem cells, are pluripotent, meaning they can potentially become any cell in the human body. Other cells, adult stem cells, are multipotent, meaning they are limited in the amount of cells that can potentially develop into.

Stem cells don't just come from embryos!!?

Upon hearing the words "stem cells," lots of people think of only stem cells that come from embryos. Truth is, yeah, stem cells are commonly found in embryos, but there are other places in the human body that they're found, too. They can be found in adult tissues such as bone marrow, placenta and cord tissue, amniotic fluids (during pregnancy), teeth, and even the blood of umbilical cords!!

so, how are they helpful???

Stem cells have so many uses!! Medically, they can be used for in-depth research about various diseases and how they work, It's possible that even a cure can be found for unfortunate diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease!!

Stem cells can additionally be used to test new treatments and medicinal drugs before giving them to ill patients!

For example, blood stem cell transport has helped many people in getting rid of their disease already by transplanting blood stem cells into patients with injuries such as severe burns!!

ThE STEm cell Company approves!!!

The Stem Cell Company Inc. feels that the use of stem cells for research is the right way to go! So so so many people from all around the world are affected by horrible diseases, and the fact that we have the potential to cure them is amazing! Yeah yeah, people believe that embryos shouldn't be used for this kind of research; that they can form new lives with opportunity and such, but wouldn't it be better to make current life better before risking a newborn life with the chance of disease?? The Stem Cell Company Inc. is 100% pro-stem cell use.

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