3D Printing

Criteria C - Creating a Solution - Sreypich Heng

Tools, Resources & Time

Tools and Resources:

  • Laptop
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Tinker as
  • 3D Printer
  • Drawing Utensils


This whole project will take longer than 1 month because of all the difficult components in creating the final product. Putting the design together will take 1-2 classes by using Photoshop and illustrator. Then, designing the product as a 3 dimensional shape will take 3-4 classes, until it looks perfectly done. Lastly, the final product will take 3 and half hours to finish printing before we ca actually hold the product with our bare hands.

Steps for Creating the Design


Final Design Overview as 3D


Pictures After the bracelet is printed


Big image
Big image

Changes between the original design and the created design

  1. The pattern I drew for my final design and the printed design is different, but similar in a way. When I tried drawing the shapes onto illustrator, it took way too long, so I decided to search a lace pattern online and then add it to the final design instead.
  2. Size- I made the final design a bit smaller because otherwise it would take way too long to print.
  3. Shape- the initial design was for it come out round, but tinkercad couldn't provide that ability, so I had to shape mine in a pentagon shape with a small slot as the design specifications said.