All about Christianity

This is all about Christianity. This may have some facts you didn't know! The followers of Christianity are Christians. The central teachings/beliefs are prayer, Sabbath (day of rest on Sunday), Trinity (father, son, holy spirit), and their declaration of faith. Their Sacraments/Traditions are Baptizing, which marks Christian's entrance into Church, and the Holy Communion which is sharing bread and wine to remember Jesus's last supper. The Place of Worship is church. The worship leader is a minister (or priest). The holy book is the Bible (Old and New testament). Holy Days/ Holidays are Christmas and Easter. Christmas celebrates birth of Christ and Easter celebrates death and Resurrection. Holy cities and places include Church of the Holy Sepulcher and Bethlehem (site of Jesus's birth)

Similarities with other Religions

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all view Abraham as a very important figure. Also, all three religions are monotheistic, which means they believe in only one god.