New England Colonies

New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island

New Hampshire

New Hampshire was founded in 1623 by John Mason and Ferdinando Gorges. They made most of there money from mixed farming and wheat. New Hampshire started off as corporate government then a royal type of government. New Hampshire started of with around 500 settlers. The main religion in New Hampshire At this name was puritan religion. New Hampshire was founded for farming,


In 1620 Massachusetts was founded Separatist and Puritans. Puritans are people that were trying to reform the church of England. They made their money with ship building and fishing. They were governed by a royal government. There was also town meetings held in the towns. You could only attend if you owned land in the city. They started off with about 500 settlers migrating from Europe.


In 1635 Thomas Hooker founded Connecticut. Connecticut was founded to be a place pf religious freedom. Mixed farming was a huge source of income in Connecticut. Connecticut was governed as a cooperate government system. The Connecticut Constitution was called to be Americas 1st constitution. John Hayne became the governor of Connecticut. The religion of Connecticut is puritan. They bought the land from the Pequot tribe.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island was founded in 1636 by a man named Roger Williams. Mixed farming was a good source of income for Rhode Island. Rhode Island had a Corporate type of government. The population of Rhode island started of with about 300 settlers migration from Europe. Their was no major conflicts with natives in Rhode island.