Paul Revere

Brooklyn Respecki


Are you ready to learn about Paul Revere's early life,silver smith, and his midnight ride.If you want to learn more about Paul Revere I encourage you to read on!

Early Life

Paul Revere was born January 1 1735/and died May 10 1818 at age 83. Paul Revere was born in Boston Massachusetts. He also had 11 sibling. Out of the 11 kids he was the second oldest kid. Paul Revere went to the North Grammer school. At age 12 he began to learn the silver smith trade. Paul Revere was drawn to the Church of England. Paul Revere's wife was Rachel walker.

Silver Smith

Paul practiced the trade he had learned from his father working with gold and silver. Age 12 learned the silversmith trade. For more than 40 years his silvershop was the center of his life. He made everything from simple spoons to complicated tea sets. He hired other journeymen and apprentices to help him.

Midnight Ride

Paul Revere rode all night because he warned people that the British were comeing. Joseph warren sent Revere to warn the Massachusetts provincial congress. After receiving the warning concord residents began moving the military supplies away from the town.


I hoped you liked reading about Paul Revere's early life, silversmith,and midnight ride.


Drawn- to be hooked into something

Receiving- getting something from someone ar something

Center- it is all someone is worrying about in that time

Sibling- to have a brother or sister

Complicated- something hard



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