New England Colonies

Why you should definitely come

Join the best Colonies in America!

In the New England colonies we have a place for everyone. From religion, to economics, to society and culture the New England colonies are the best choice.

The economy is very strong in our colonies. We are huge on trade and our trade routes are connected to many different places. From British and European imports we receive glass, linens, machinery, and just household items in general. We have a prosperous mercantile network. Along with that we also have a profitable shipbuilding system. Our economy pretty much depends on our trade and our ships. The molasses trade is also very important towards our economy, which we receive from the Caribbean nations.

Our Society

One of our biggest things in our colony is honesty, it is how we build trust with each other. We have many different jobs here, no one is ever not working. People own up to 50 acres of land. All of our families divide the land among the children so everyone has quite a decent amount. We have beautiful homes which are great for families or just yourself. They have steep roofs so that the snow won't accumulate. All of our windows are imported from England. Family is very important to us and we all eat together and participate in after dinner activities together as well. Some of our activities include games for the kids, we might also start a fire, and dance.

Some of our high esteemed leaders

Our government

Most all of our colonies have created their own legislature. They are democratic and they have their own governor, governor's court, and court system. We are either one of two types of government and they are as follows:

Royal government is when that colony is directly ruled by the English monarchy.

Charter government is when the colonies are self-governed and we have elected the officials by vote.

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Beautiful land and plenty of room for families!


We have beautiful weather here. We usually have a shorter summer and a bit of a longer winter but that's good because we don't have to work in the sweltering heat for too long. We grow a lot of potatoes here because of our weather and our land. We also have a benefit of being so close to the coast because we have lots of ports so we receive lots of goods from trade and such. We also are known for our amazing ships because we have an abundance of trees so we have plenty of lumber to build with.
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