Aquarium Set-Up


Choosing a Tank

When choosing a tank appropriate for your fish take into consideration the size of your fish. Use the 1 inch-1 gallon rule. For every inch long your fish is then you shoul have a gallon of water.

Exampel: 3 gold fish each being 2 inches long should have 6 gallons of water

Checking Your tank

When setting up you're tank the first thing to do is to be sure there are no leaks. Most brand name tanks will not leak but it never hurts to check. To do this fill your tank to the rim with water set it on top of some news paper and wait a few hours. If the news paper is wet then your tank has a leak, if not then empty your tank and place it in its permanent area. You may also put a scenery around the back and sides of your tank. This is not necessary but fish tnd to be more comfortable when the sides and back of the tank aren't covered.

Filtration and Temperature Control Systems

The systems above should be installed in your aquarium at this point in your set-up.


All gravel should be rinsed before being placed into the tank. You should use specifc aquarium gravel.


In the aquarium you want to make them feel like they're in their natural habitat. so, you should put in coral, plants, rocks, and driftwood. Basically anything that goes with their habitat.