Evan Chai GNP RN


Bowel charting is a daily charting of residents' bowel movements in which include the date, AM, PM or night shift, the amount, the consistency and whether suppositories are given.


  • Acts like a tracker of bowel movements
  • Gives an overview of residents bowel movement


  • The carers and staff on duty.
  • Communicate with your buddy who works in the same wings/ shift before filling in the bowel chart to ensure accurate charting.


  • Note down in a piece of paper to ensure you do not forget, after you have toilet the resident
  • Fill in the bowel charting before you finish your shift
  • Hand over to your wing buddy /RN on duty if charting has not been done or anything needs to be noted


  • Use the Bristol stool form scale as a guide to type of bowel movement
  • It is a visual aide designed to aid in classifying the consistency or the form of stool
  • Type 1-2 indicates constipation, Type 3 - 4 considered 'normal stools' and Type 5-7 indicates loose stools or diarrhoea
  • Type 4 is considered most ideal as it most easy to pass

Indication on charts

BO - bowels opened, BNO - bowels not opened.

Size:- Small, Medium, Large

Example:- BOL4

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