Annotated Bibliography Review

What cultural values do myths show?

Cherokee Culture/Beliefs

The Cherokee nation has one of the most unique cultures and system of beliefs that still exists to this very day. They have huge respect to the nature, land and animals around them. For example the wood from the cedar tree is considered very sacred because it was used to carry the honored dead. The Cherokee have a special regard for the owl and many other animals too. They believe they are all created in this world for a reason. The everyday Cherokee culture includes spirituals beings. The Cherokee people don't mourn when a person passes away, instead they believe their souls of the dead continue living as a ghost. The main principle of the nation is good is rewarded and bad is punished. They have a strict belief in this type of justice. The Cherokee live in the south east region of United States in small communities made of mud and wooden houses. They live very old fashioned with very few technology if any at all. The Cherokee hunt deer and other small game and also

Fish and harvest crops such as corn,squash, beans, etc. Overall, the Cherokee nation is a very spiritual and peaceful nation that has high respect for people, nature, animals and everything living around them.

The Deer and the Rabbit

The Cherokee myth "the Deer and the Rabbit" is about how the deer got his antlers. In the story the rabbit challenges the deer to a race and the winner would be rewarded a beautiful set of antlers. Before the race the rabbit went around the place he wasn't familiar with to look around. The deer got suspicious because he thought the rabbit was cheating. One of the animals went to find the rabbit and saw the short cut the rabbit had cut through the bushes and shrubs. After the animals found out they rewarded the deer for fair play. The deers antlers fall off once every year to remind him he didn't always have them.

This myth illustrates cultural value because it shows the beliefs of the Cherokee about animals and it demonstrates how the Cherokee respect animals by writing poems and myths about them.

Values and Connections

Honesty: the Cherokee are very strict about honestly, just like in the myth the honest one was the one who won. Without honesty you won't be accepted and trusted by many people just like the rabbit

Cheaters never win: the rabbit cheated and in the end it was caught and he never won the prize, the deer didn't even have to race to win

Good wins, bad is punished: this is one of the most important principles of the Cherokee nation, since the rabbit was the bad and was a cheater it was banned from the other animals and the good (deer) was rewarded with the antlers

Connections: This myth connects with the Cherokee culture because its about animals and the Cherokee have a lot of respect and beliefs about animals. Many myths and stories were written about animals and nature in the cherokee culture to show respect towards nature.


I chose this piece of art because the Cherokee believed the owl was very wise and highly respected. The owl represents secretive and unpredictable traits. This artwork was painted by a Cherokee.
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