Secret Goguma

The Sweetest Santa

What is it?

Gogumas are known for being one of the most generous fandoms out there. As we show our love to Seo Hyun, Yong Hwa, and even to their respective groups, SNSD and CNBLUE, it's about time for us, gogumas, to show our love with one another. And we can make it possible through our very first Secret Goguma: The Sweetest Santa.

In order to participate in this event, 100 goguma percent of dedication is needed. Once you sign-up on this event, there's no turning back. Scary? Hesitating? Don't Be! But just think about this. How would you feel if your Secret Goguma suddenly backs out in the middle of the event? Sad, right? So, don't ever do that!

How does it work?

Monday, Nov. 18th, 12am to Friday, Dec. 20th, 12am

This is an online event.

First, you need to sign-up here:

This event will be divided into two. The Physical gift and Virtual gift. You can choose to participate in either of the two or you can choose to participate in both.

Second, after the sign-up period, we'll be sending you an email as to who will be the lucky goguma will be receiving your gift.

If you choose to join the Physical gift, it will be your choice on what to give your goguma. Post card from your country, local snacks, folded poster, album (ohhhh! I want one), shirt, merchandise are just some of the things you can give!

If you choose to participate with the Virtual gift, there are many things you can send to your goguma. Your very own art work, fanfic, personalized wallpaper or screensaver, e-card, YongSeo video, recorded song, poem, or a decent selca.

And because our YongSeo is known for their heartwarming letters, whether you're participating in the Physical or Virtual, you must write a letter to your goguma using the stationery provided here:

Virtual Gifts must be submitted to on or before Dec. 20 12mn KST. The e-mail must include your username, your goguma, and the attached virtual gift.

Physical Gifts participants must send the tracking number to on or before Dec. 20 12mn KST. The e-mail should include your username, your goguma, and tracking number (optional).

Important Dates!

November 18 - 25: Registration Date

December 20: All virtual gifts must be submitted



Please do not include your name or username in your gift because we will be posting who your Secret Goguma in the site. This applies for both Physical and Virtual gifts.

All Virtual gifts will be sent on Dec. 24th.

With Physical gifts, because shipping is out of our control, you may receive it later than Christmas, but we'll be providing you the tracking number sent to us by your Secret Goguma.

Any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us using the information below: