The first thing you can do in St . Augustine is go to the Ripley's BELIEVE IT OR NOT museum. When you get inside the museum you see very interesting amazing facts about many different types of things. When you are finished with the tour the Ripely's offers a red trolly ride around the town.

On the red trolly ride you learn about St. Augustine. and florida.Did you know that St.Augustine is the 3rd most haunted city in the U.S?Their is even a attraction about Columbus and Ponce De Leon.Some facts about Columbus were that he was the first one to see florida on October,10th 1492.On August, 3rd 1492 Columbus set out on his three ships (The Nina,the Pinta, And the Santa Margarita) he was in search of the west indies and all their spices. He was also in search of a shorter rought to get their and by mistake he landed in America,because of this he called the native Americans the American Indians.Also when you go to this attraction their are beautiful peacocks with their big beautiful rainbow tails.And they dip their orange beaks in the "fountain of youth" that Ponce De Leon was in search for on April 3rd 1513 but never found because of course it was a mith.

Now I don't want to give away all the clues so you must go visit this beautiful attractions yourself!!!!!!!!!


Our last day in St.Augustine is all beauty the St. Augustine light house.When you look up the steps it seems like a long way to go and it is 218 steps so i recommend a glass of water and a camera to capture the amazing view. The blue ocean water looks like their are sparkling diamonds every where.And the bouts glide across the water like they are swimming in milk.The bushy green trees add a touch of wilderness.

I hope you can experience such a heart stopping moment when you climb to the top of the light house!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saint Augustine Lighthouse


Our third day in Florida will be in a chain of islands down in the west of florida called the Key West or the "Keys".The keys are a great place to go on vacation even for the people who live in Florida.The keys are really a beach like area so if your not into the beach i probably wouldn't recommend.But if you do you have got the most exiting day of your life in store.

First you will go on a glass bottom boat ride and if you don't know what that is I will tell you.first you get in this beautiful boat where you are taken out to sea were the coral reefs are. then when you are their every body surrounds the glass part of the ship were you see the most beautiful ocean site in the world.

when the boat ride is over you are probably starving so i will recommend a restaurant for you i guarantee you even if you don't like sea you will like it when you go to the Rusty Anchor i know it doesn't sound appetizing but it is the best sea food you can get!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Today we are in Miami were we will go to the GREAT BASIL FESTIVAL of art. This festival is an art festival. Dosne't sound to fun huh but this art is very bursting with color.You will have lots and lots of fun here even if you don't like art. When the festival is over we will go to a restaurant called Perricones market place and cafe. Witch is very delicious Italian food and beautiful sceenery!!!!!!!


The battle of Crystal river was basically an ambush in the beginning of the Civil War on June 29,1862. Although the war was not as bad as the actual Civil War it was still a fierce bloody battle.The battle took place in the mouth of the Crystal river down stream from the Crystal river preserve State Park. That is the cool part about it that it took place in the River.You can also go to the preserve witch is beautiful but i don't want to give the looks away you'll have to find out yourself.After your fun ,educational time at the Crystal River battle area you will want a nice relaxing dinner. And I recommend the Greek restaurant in boca called Tavern KymaI reccomend the shrimp cobbob it is delicious.I hope you like your educational/relaxing time today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!