Life of the Wampanoag and Inuit


How do Wampanoags get food?

Wampanoags hunt for food.They gather: fish, ham,turkey, and other food.

Wampanoag clothes

Wampanoags dont wear clothes like us they wear things like:mauccasons,mantles,leggings,neclaces,and broochcloths.
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What Wampanoags eat.

Wampanoags eat different food then us.

They eat:porage,some fish,and meat.

Where Wampanoags live

Wampanoags live in wetus and lodge houses. They live in wetus for the summer and spring. They live in lodge houses during the winter and fall.

Where Inuit live

The Inuit live in cold places like: Greenland,Alaska,Canada, and Siberia.

They build homes like: tents,sodhouses, and igloos.

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How Inuit Travel

Inuit travel by: kayaks, umiaks, and dogsleds.

They have these because then they don't have to walk while they hunt.

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