Spring Training

Hit a Grand Slam with TLT!

March 3rd - 5th

TLT is Pitching a Changeup!

Over Spring Break, TLT will lead a variety of workshops that focus on both pedagogical and technological topics. Each day, you will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of sessions in four time-slots.

Unlike a typical Faculty Technology Institute (FTI), Spring Training will provide a more flexible, conference-style schedule, allowing you to learn new teaching strategies while still having time off for spring break.

Each session counts as a base hit and stipends can be earned when you round each base. Hit a grand slam by attending every session!

Spring Training Schedule

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Score for Your School!

To make Spring Training even more exciting, we're adding a bit of competition!

The more sessions you attend, the more points you earn for your School.

The School with the most points will win our Spring Training Trophy and other fantastic prizes!

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