Facial Expressions & Body Language

(nonverbal communication)

Facial Expressions

The human face is extremely expressive. It is able to express many emotions without saying a word. Most of the time, we pay more attention to facial expressions then the words coming out of someones mouth because facial expressions come naturally to us. We often use facial expressions, which are subtle signals of the larger communication process. A single smile can indicate our approval of a message while a scowl might signal disagreement or displeasure.

What do facial expressions indicate?

Facial Expressions may indicate smiling, scowling, frowning eye rolling, making eye contact, and appearing bored or interested.

Body Language

There are times when we send mixed messages. We say one thing yet our body language reveals something different. This non verbal language will affect how we act and react to others, and how they'll react. Body language if affected by the way people sit, walk, stand up. The way you carry yourself communicates a wealth of information to the world

By; Jessica Contreras