The Three Blind Mice

Arrested and charged not with a misdemeanor but a FELONY

Bail is set for the Three Blind Mice at 500,000 dollars each

I'm sure you want to know why bail is set so high for the 3 mice. I will tell you that these 3 mice even though they are blind managed to rob a car dealership and drive away with 3 new cars. They were shortly arrested for the felony indictment of auto theft.

The 3 blind mice were a sent to jail and while they were there they talked about the best options. They weren't sure if there were any witnesses because they didn't see any. But if there were witnesses they knew the prosecution would subpoena them to the trial. They wanted to speak with their public defender to see how he was going to represent them as the defendants. He told them the case was going to the grand jury to determine if there was enough evidence to go to charge them with the crime. He let them know that it would be best for them to take a plea bargain. The mice weren't sure about pleading guilty to a lesser charge. So they decided to go to trial.

The mice plead not guilty at the arraignment. The petit jury was ready to hear the opening statements from both the prosecution and the defense. After the first witness took the stand the mice started to worry. The witnesses clearly saw the crime taking place and could identify the mice. The mice wanted to talk to their attorney. The judge granted them 10 minutes. When they returned the last witness was called to the stand and warned against perjury or not telling the truth.

The jury left the room for only 7 minutes. They returned with the verdict of guilty. The 3 blind mice were convicted of the crime. They plan to appeal in the near future.