Junior Developer

by Alexander Wines

Teapot Creative


The Courtyard

Bowdens Farm



TA10 0BP

01460 281 865


Attributes and Skills Required

Knowledge of HTML/CSS/JavaScript:

HTML, CSS and JavaScript are widely agreed to be the most fundamental languages to know if you are developing anything for the web. HTML and CSS especially are the two main languages in which almost every web page is built on and knowledge of how these technologies work, if not at least how to use them, will be necessary to be a successful web developer. Although you may specialise in PHP, Java or ASP.Net Development for the web having a basic understanding of HTML and CSS will help massively in understanding how your code is going to be used and how you should develop your code to make things easier for everybody.

Works Well in a Team:

Being able to work well in a team is a requirement for almost any job you will come across. Humans are naturally social animals and being able to work together well is definitely a contributing factor to why we are so successful as a species. No longer are our aims to work together to hunt food but now we focus our attention on hunting profits. For a profitable business having a team of individuals who can work collaboratively together to achieve something is necessary for the success of that business and if a well functioning team can really pull together they are quite an unstoppable force.

Aptitude for Learning:

It is important to know as a developer that you aren't going to know how to do everything, and having to learn things on the job is a daily routine for most desk jockeys. Even if you do learn absolutely everything there is to know about all the existing web technologies, new, interesting and better technologies are being developed on the daily.

Having an aptitude to learn about these new technologies or maybe how to better use existing ones is necessary for successful and competitive development.