Spring 2014 Differentiation

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April - Differentiated Final Review

April Final Review Reflection

In an effort to assist students with final review in addition to the final exam review module, I am posting daily resources and a practice final exam review question in my classroom bulletin board.

March 2014 Differentiation of Translation Activity - Cartoons

This month I provided students an alternative translation assignment that asked student to pick Latin sentences from the translation that best fit each cartoon frame as a caption. This allows students to work on their reading comprehension skills as well as their translation skills. I am hoping that many students will take advantage of this assignment.

March 10th JIT Host - Differentiation

Hosting Just In Time for our newest instructors has given me many opportunities to collaborate and share work from my classes. On March 10th along with other mentors and department chairs, I shared the differentiation examples from my courses (see images above) as examples of ways to differentiate in an online environment.