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Week of 9/26-30

Great work during Q1 Cycle 1!

Thank you to all students who started out the year with consistent attendance. A new grading cycle begins today, and our first FLEX FRIDAY project day begins 9/30.

You can register via the QR code or link below after you've read the project descriptions.

Last week Thursday 9/22, Gordon Parks High School was in the spotlight due to our participation in the "A Picture Gallery of the Soul" African American photography exhibit at the UofM. Enjoy the photos below of our alumni participating in the event, beaming with pride about their photography. The exhibit is open for another few weeks.

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Please click the "One IMPORTANT REMINDER: Click the link below to do your annual update of your info for this school year.

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Cultural Architecture Construction

Students will choose an architectural structure of interest or one from their personal culture. Students will research its history and the story behind the structure's construction. Students will construct a replica of their historical structure out of supplied materials to scale (math). Examples include the Eiffel tower, Mai Sot dormitories, Khajuraho Temple, etc.

Credit Area: Physical Science, Physics or Geometry

Teachers: Ms. Joly & Ms. Nichols

Explore the Twin Cities

Are you new to the Twin Cities? Would you like to learn more about the unique history of our community and visit some of the locations that make St. Paul and Minneapolis a great place to live? Then join us for the Project where we get out of the classroom and Explore the Twin Cities!

Credit Areas: Human Geography, US Government or Health

Teachers: Mr. Johnson & Mr. Bednar

Fast Fashion

Students will learn about the disadvantages of Fast Fashion and what they can do about it. Students will have the opportunity to refashion and repair garments. In addition students may upcycle fabric to create other useful items.

Credit Area: CTE Teacher: Ms. Stone

Friendly Math

We will learn personal finance, consumer math and Algebra 1.

Credit Area: Algebra 1 Teacher: Ms. Sharma

Math in Sports

Students will learn about the different ways math is in sports. We will explore Statistics, Scale Modeling, Careers, and other math topics in the world of sports.

Credit Area: Algebra 1 or Geometry Teacher: Mr. Zangs

Protest Songs

This project will explore the "protest song", songs that aim to send social messages, raise awareness about an issue and bring about change. Protest songs have had as their subjects war, racism, poverty, sexism, environmental/social justice, human rights, police brutality, etc. We will spend our time listening to the music and engaging with the lyrics.

Credit Areas: US/World History or Human Geography Teacher: Mr. Davie

Urban Agriculture

Time to explore how you can grow your own food at home. What local businesses support food production in St. Paul? What is hydroponics vs. aquaponics? All these questions and more will be answered in this hands-on fun-filled project.

Credit Area: CTE or Science Teachers: Ms. Warner

We Roll The Dice

This project will culminate in a 45-min presentation at the Overcoming Racism conference in November. Students will further research St. Paul housing equity, interact with the Mayor's office, and refine the "We Roll The Dice" housing equity game for a professional conference presentation! Students will also attend the conference Friday 11/11.

Credit Areas: ELA, Econ or Human Geography

Teachers: Ms. Tomlin, Mr. Creager, Ms. Cavanaugh & Mr. Rogers

Writers Workshop

Students will use this PBL time to develop and work on individual projects in creative expression both in the visual and language arts… such as drawing, painting, sculpture, writing story and poetry.

Credit Areas: ELA Teacher: Jamie Hagg

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Interested in Joining the GPHS Student Leadership Group?

Would you like to be a student leader and participate in the decision-making centered around our school and community-based events/activities? If so, then join the Gordon Parks Student Leadership Team. Joining this team will not only enhance and/or build your leadership skills, but it will provide you an opportunity to be actively involved in developing fun and educational events that would benefit all students and staff at Gordon Parks. In order for you to join you must meet the following expectation criteria:

  1. Model healthy and positive behavior in school, classroom, and community

  2. Take your leadership role seriously, as this is a reflection of you and your school

  3. School and community ambassador

  4. Complete credits toward graduation

  5. Attend class consistently

If you are interested and meet the expectation criteria, please join us at our first meeting on Friday, October 14th at 1:00 p.m. in the library.

Thank You,

Ms. Saunders and Ms. Fountain

Student Leadership Facilitators


Students welcome back to school. I hope you had a great summer. I am glad to have you back and hope you are ready to learn. I recognize that we are still experiencing challenging times with the pandemic, racism, and economic uncertainty. As we stand together through these times, let us think about the African proverb, It Takes a Village, We are the village. An entire community of people. I can't wait to connect with you and find out what your goals are. As we start the year, please remember that I'm here to support you, you can be successful, and we are going to have a fantastic year!
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want to join the Fresh Films Twin Cities Film Crew? They will make movies every Thursday starting October 27!

In the Fresh Films Weekly Filmmaking program, teens 13-19 will learn the ins and outs of filmmaking as they produce short films, music videos, documentaries and more! Your students will get hands-on experience with professional film equipment and be mentored by Hollywood pros at Sony, Paramount, Discovery Networks, Roku and more!

Weekly Filmmaking @ Keystone Community Services

Thursdays | 4:30 - 7pm

Build Film Production Skills • Learn from Industry Pros • Tell Your Story Through Film


The program is 100% FREE for all filmmakers and no experience is necessary! All we ask is that teens bring a desire to learn alongside other creators! Learn more about the program and share with your students!

Applications are open now and close on October 20th and space is limited so encourage your students to apply now!

We look forward to working with your students,

The Fresh Films Team